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2/3 of a Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day! I’m writing my weekend recap, but our weekend isn’t quite over because there’s no school today. We’re planning a fun workout event, a picnic at a friend’s house, and soccer practice!

On Friday afternoon Mazen and I played until dinnertime. Gus thought he was the seeker in hide and seek and kept giving my location away to Mazen!

We also played “baby” (Mazen’s idea!) and I had twins!

We made homemade pizzas on the Big Green Egg for dinner. Whole Foods refrigerated dough (it’s really good!) topped with mushrooms, green peppers, and pepperoni.

Mazen is really into jokes right now, and I found this book in our Dr. Seuss collection! There are some good ones like: “What has a head like a cat, a tail like a cat, but isn’t a cat?” …….

a kitten!!

I got up at 5:45 on Friday for some reason, so I was totally exhausted and went to bed at 9 on Friday night!

I didn’t get the best sleep though, because Mazen woke up twice and needed help at night (which happens so rarely these days). So we were all tired on Saturday morning.

I made us a trio of healthy spinach and berry smoothies –

And our second course came hot out of the oven 20 minutes later!

I made my new blog friend Kristina’s Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donuts. They were great! They reminded me of my mom’s homemade cinnamon cake she used to bake all the time when I was young. Kristina’s recipe is gluten-free, but I made these with half AP and half whole wheat flour.

So good I had two!

We spent most of Saturday rearranging our house! Remember when my office used to be downstairs and I moved it up to the second main floor bedroom? It’s lived like that for about two years, and I loved having a home office. But our new baby needs his own room, so the office had to be relocated.

So we moved the desk out of the nursery and decided to put it in the corner of the family room, which used to house Mazen’s train/Lego table and lots of toy baskets.

We chose this location so we have a window with natural light next to the desk, which is so important for me. The spare room where the desk originally lived is so dark.

That spare room is now the Lego/toy room, and Mazen is thrilled to have his own little space to leave all his toys set up! I’m planning to share more details on all these rooms in a separate blog post : )

The nursery is looking more livable. We just need our crib and a few more touches. We’ll probably move the furniture around too. I think I need some blackout curtains – any recommendations?

After all that moving, I had a hearty lunch of leftovers. Chicken Marbella, rice, red pepper. I love all of those prunes!

Thomas and I went to run a few errands (like buying one of those gross plastic chair pads to go over the carpet downstairs so our office chair will roll out) and then when we got home I crashed hard into the couch and took a nap. Almost 33 weeks!

After our rest, we dressed up and went on a date to Tavola!

Half of Belmont was sunny and the other side of the sky looked like this. Luckily the storms missed us!

We had a bit of a wait for a table, so we went to the bar in the back and shared the burrata. So delicious!

Once settled at our table, I had the gorgonzola shrimp angel hair pasta and brought half home to have for Sunday lunch 🙂

We had a movie night with Gus (who was really into it!) and watched Hidden Figures. SUCH a good feel good movie! I loved all three of the main characters.

Sunday morning fuel, followed by meal planning and a cycle class! I needed a good workout after a few days in a row of simply walking/being on my feet for my “workout.”

I have yet to get in the meal planning groove, but I did manage to make a plan for this upcoming week and into the next (working towards a monthly plan/themes). On the menu this week: Ayesha Curry’s Harissa-Spiced Chicken pulled from Better Homes & Gardens.

Hope you have the day off (LOL for moms) and are doing something fun and summery!

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