Friday, September 14, 2018

Are Exogenous Ketones Good For Weight Loss?

Exogenous ketones are a hot button topic in the keto world. Some are putting them up on a pedestal like the holy grail of ketosis and weight loss…

But, as I’ve said before, there is no magic pill (or oil) you can take for instant health or weight loss.

Ketone esters, ketone salts, MCT oil…what can they really do for you? Do they help with weight loss? Or guarantee ketosis?

Check out this video for the pros and cons of exogenous ketones:

Get the full story on ketones, click to watch the video above.

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This Week

^^Fun at the bus stop. To all of our neighbors: we are really working on keeping the children’s voices down at 7am. I apologize for all the shrieking! Whisper voices are hard to enforce.

Our week started off with a taco bar! I made a taco salad with a little bit of everything. We had Nonna over for dinner to enjoy with us.

The next day I had all the leftovers in a bowl for lunch!

Early in the week I had the last of our harissa chicken over a salad for lunch. With tomatoes and seaside cheddar.

Breakfast cravings this week have included a berry smoothie:

And then the next day, Mazen’s leftover smoothie turned into a bowl! Moms, eating kids leftovers since the beginning of time. Mine was a lot fancier than his with granola, Dang coconut chips, and coconut butter magic shell!

Another day I had a STRONG peanut butter craving and just decided to center breakfast around it. Toast + banana, smothered.

One of Mazen’s chores is to set the table. He made place cards!! (Actually before you think his handwriting is that good, he asked me to write my name myself but then he distributed them along with the plates : ) )

We had to make a lot of tweaks to our meal plan this week, which included using some of the meat I had thawed for tacos for burgers the next night. (T said I thawed way too much. He was right!) So we used bread as the buns and made burgers the next night. Plus a big salad!

Per usual, I had the leftovers for lunch. Also: those smoked chips are SO GOOD!

Afternoon Bat City playing.

Which was all the more lovely with the wafts of Cider candle floating through the house! LOVE Rewined candles!

Guess what else fall has arrived?! I had to pick up a sixer of Schlafly for after the baby comes juuuust in case it’s all sold out by then!

Our meal plan had another hiccup when I got home from yoga and found out Thomas had cooked Wednesday’s dinner on Tuesday! That’s a good problem to have, right? I had planned dinner salads for Tuesday and had all but decided to have cereal for dinner when I walked in to baked chicken, potatoes, and peppers. It was on the simple side, but tasted great!

I went to two cycle classes, one strength class, and did some cardio this week. Cycle is one of the best way for me to break a sweat, but it’s getting so hard to reach the knob!

I’ve been spending a lot of evenings like this, sitting in one of the few positions that is comfortable these days. It’s so weird how all the relaxing positions are my most uncomfortable. I’m actually happiest standing up but I can only do that for so long! 6ish weeks to go!

We are keeping all of the Carolinas in our thoughts this weekend. We’re worried about our marsh house, Bald Head Island, and pretty much all of NC. Really crossing my fingers this storm backs down at the last minute.

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