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Easy Peasy Slow Cooker Ebook

Hi, friends! Happy Friday!

With the weekend and meal prep on the horizon (as well as cooler weather), I wanted to share this FREE Easy Peasy Slow Cooker Ebook with you. It offers 12 macro-friendly recipes to help you speed up your meal prep while staying on track this fall. I’m always looking for new recipes to try and bet you are too, so I hope these recipes make your life easier and more delicious. Just sign up below for your free ebook!

FREE Slow Cooker Recipes Ebook (Crock Pot Recipes)


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House Tour: Closets and Drawers

You’re probably getting tired me of talking about nesting, but my brain just can’t help it! I’ve been scurrying around the house sifting through things and sorting drawers and closets for weeks now, and I figured the best way to share what I’ve done would be a little video tour. Strike that – a super-long video tour! If you stick out all 15+ minutes, you’ll also get to see a live view of the office/family room swap we did. (But I’m saving the nursery reveal for another post!)

A few notes about the video

  • My home is not nearly as perfectly organized as Jen’s. #lifegoals But I’d rather show you around now than wait 10 years until everything is sparkly and perfectly labeled (which it never will be).
  • I didn’t tidy up at all prior to pushing record, so this is literally my home on a normal day. Read: not perfect.
  • I shot half of the video just before we switched our office and toy room, so I decided to do a little before and after. Hopefully that will be clear when you watch!


Here is the apothecary piece I mention in the office storage area.

Here is the teal bathroom drawer storage piece from Mazen’s bathroom.

Here is our office desk.


As we talk about homes in general, I wanted to share some of my favorite sources of inspiration!

I Heart Organizing // As mentioned above, Jen is the Q.U.E.E.N. of home organization on the internet. Everything she touches turns to rose gold and rainbows! She’s also the mom to three boys, so her sparkling, organized home is even more impressive.

Plank & Pillow // I just found this Tennessee-based home account on Instagram a few weeks ago and have heart eyes for they post of their stunning farmhouse. Thomas and I do want to build a house someday, and the P&P house is at the top of my list of inspo houses at the moment. I just love all the bright white and light and black contrast! Also: their pool!

The Nester // I have always found Myquillyn’s style to be so approachable and practical, and she has great tips! I own her book 🙂 She also a new book coming out – The Cozy Minimalist – and corresponding courses. I’m interested! Does anything sound more warm and fuzzy than the words “cozy minimalist”?!

Young House Love // Obviously! My “Richmond friends” are always up to something DIY, and their site reads just like that – of friends you trust. If they recommend anything I need, I immediately go buy it. (Even when I have sworn off buying things!) I also love their podcast, think they are hilarious, and relate to both John and Sherry’s personalities in so many ways! (For example, Sherry and I both love the temperature “hot car”!)

Magazines! // My favorite is Cottages and Bungalows followed by Coastal LivingBetter Homes & Gardens, and HGTV.


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Episode 410 – Robb and Nicki Q&A #10




And we’re back with Q&A #10 with Robb and Nicki for Episode 410 of The Paleo Solution Podcast.

Don’t forget to send in your own podcast question to use here:

Show Notes:

1. [2:14] Calcium

Holly says:
Hi Robb – love your work. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on getting adequate calcium when doing a ketogenic diet for fat loss. I’m following the Ketogains macros and am a smallish female (125 pounds at 5’3) so my calorie count is quite low. I don’t tolerate dairy very well and there is only so much spinach one can eat in a day. I do eat canned salmon with bones but not every day.  Seeds are too caloric when fat loss is the goal and I’m a bit concerned about supplements (Chris kresser has indicated calcium can end up in the wrong spot ex arteries). What about bone meal as a supplement?  Other ideas?

2. [5:40] Asthma

Jenny says:
Do you have any suggestions on how to treat or eliminate asthma caused by allergies, such as allergies to pollens and grass – not to food?  Thank you.

3. [8:57] Mixing high cholesterol, and high fat foods with fruit, corn, and potatoes

Justin says:
Hi Robb!

My girlfriend is Paleo, moderate carbs and high fat diet. I am wondering if she could be damaging her health when she eats steak with corn, fruit, potatos, or sugar of any kind.
Can you elaborate on mixing those kinds of carbs with high fat, high  Cholesteryl meat and on the glycation process?  Will this cause   Atherosclerosis?  And if not, what causes atherosclerosis?

Thanks Robb!  I love the podcast!

4. [13:11] CBD Oil

Brad says:
What are your thoughts on the efficacy of CBD oil? If I wanted to try some what would I look for in a specific brand? I have noticed a wide variety of price ranges so how can one determine the quality of an oil?


Brad Hasse

Bee Keeper’s Naturals B.Chill (CBD in honey, mentioned in the show)

Squatchy’s CBD recommendations: (some of the best, uniquely fast acting) (one of the best priced high quality ones I’ve found)

5. (Question Skipped)

6. [16:03] Fatty acid profile for grades of beef

Lee says:
I’ve read articles (most of which had ties to the cattle industry) talking of the improved fatty acid profile as the grade of beef goes up from select, choice, to prime particularly for fatty cuts like brisket.  Is this really significant?  When I’m going to smoke a brisket (that I rub in olive oil and eat while sipping green tea) I usually trim most of the hard external fat and am really only dealing with the subcutaneous fat.  I think the take away from grass-fed vs grain fed is that yes grass is better but it’s only in the margin (same amount of Omega-6 but more Omega-3 for grass-fed and the absolute amount of omega-6 is what’s important in the presence of sufficient omega-3 i.e. improving the ratio by taking lots of fish oil doesn’t offset the high omega-6 load).  I’m guessing this probably the case with the higher grades of beef relative to the lower the grades.  However, the higher grades are definitely more tasty.  Any insights”


Lee Heifner



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