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Weird Baby Things You Keep

Hi, guys! Happy MONDAY! 🙂

Our morning started bright and EARLY. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting up around 4:30/5:00 AM on Mondays and Fridays (when Quinn doesn’t go to school) to get a jumpstart on my work. It’s worked out really well since the early morning hours are quiet, and I’m alone with my iced coffee, so I get a ton accomplished! 😉 But, this morning, Quinn woke up shortly after I did. I put him back to bed, but he only stayed in his room for about 20 minutes before he came into my office insisting that just wasn’t tired. Whomp whomp. On the plus side, however, Quinn was awake early enough to say goodbye to Dada before he left for school. There were lots of Monday morning “snugs” for all of us! 🙂

I had some leftover canned pumpkin, so I whipped up a delicious oatmeal mixture yesterday afternoon and stored it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I reheated it in the microwave and added a scoop of Teddie Peanut Butter – and just like that breakfast was done!

Here’s the “recipe” and macro breakdown.

After breakfast, I got Quinn and myself ready for the day. When I walked into his bedroom, I smiled to myself because I saw the random Pull-Up that I left on his dresser a few weeks ago.

On Saturday night when Mal and I were out to dinner with friends, I received a text from our babysitter asking if Quinn wears Pull-Ups to bed. Quinn told her that he didn’t, but she wanted to double-check, thinking maybe I left it out for her to put on him. I texted her back saying that he was all set and didn’t need to Pull-Up for bed, so everything worked out just fine. Mal, of course, asked if everything was okay back at home, so I told him what happened. He and our friends thought I was ridiculous for “saving” a Pull-Up, but, for some reason I just wasn’t able to throw it out. It’s my baby’s last diaper! I actually threw it out this morning, but I still I can’t believe my “baby” is so grown up. Anyway… that was quite the tangent! 🙂

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Once we got ourselves ready for the day, Quinn and I headed to CrossFit for a “gym day” followed by a trip to the library.

Both of us had books to return. We also picked out new books for Quinn, and then I picked up a couple that we on hold for me. (I’m seriously loving the library lately –  requesting books online was SO EASY!) I’ve heard great things about The Mind-Gut Connection and can’t wait to dive into it!

After the library, we swung by Hornstra Farm to purchase our milk, eggs, and butter for the week. As soon as we entered the farm store, Quinn went RIGHT for the honey sticks. He lovvvveesss honey! 🙂

Back at home, we were both more than ready for lunch. Thankfully, I had a bunch of leftovers in the fridge for the both of us. Quinn had Banza pasta with butter, apple sauce, and milk, and I threw together some ground beef, rice, sautéed kale, Pizza Seasoning, and Parmesan cheese. It was delicious!

Question of the Day

Parents out there: What’s one “weird” baby item(s) that you’ve saved?

P.S. There were some technology issues with the CNC Fall Macro Challenge, so I’m leaving it open to another week or so. If you already signed up, but never received the emails, try signing up again and/or using a different email address. I apologize for the confusion. Technology and I can’t seem to get along!

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Dear Mark: Omega-6 Deficiency and Saw Palmetto

Chilly To Chili

Fall arrived in Virginia this weekend! We went from 90 degrees to hurricane rains to crisp, chilly air in one week. I’m hoping the heat stays away – I’m so over it! Everyone was running around here celebrating, and all my friends were posting photos of trips to farms, apple orchards, and all.the.fall. things. I wanted to stay close to home, so the best I could do was a Insta Story of some pumpkin spice whipped cream I bought at Whole Foods :mrgreen:

I’m writing this on Sunday, but as of today (Monday) I’m 39 weeks. (News will likely break on Instagram first, so check there!) I feel very much like a ticking time bomb at this point. I want to keep my schedule totally clear and don’t want to venture far from home. I’m “almost 3” cm dilated and 60% effaced, so my doctor told me do not wait to go to the hospital if contractions start up quickly. I know second babies can come fast, so I think that has influenced my home body feeling. I don’t want to schedule things for later this week, and I hardly wanted to make a meal plan! I have gotten in some good walks, and spent some QT with Mazen. We made this chocolate house from a kit I found at Trader Joe’s last week, and it was a big hit!

We also decorated the house for Halloween (early, but he was begging me to do it so why not?) and we put most of the decorations in his room, including a ton of these plastic spider rings. I found one in the bottom of the washing machine and it sure made me jump!

On Friday I went out to lunch with my friend Emily. It was a glorious sunny day, and we sat on the patio, covered in goosebumps by the end of our meal! We love Orzo for lunch because they have a power lunch offering where you can get a soup and a hearty salad combo.

I had butternut squash soup with brown butter and crusty bread (which satisfied every craving in my body!)

Plus this grilled salmon, endive, and beet salad.

On Friday night, Mazen and I went to Brazos together for dinner. He and his neighborhood friends are deep into Pokemon cards, so he gave me the full tour of his binders at dinner.

We always share the chips with the trio of dips, and I get two tacos – This Is My Yam with black beans and sweet potato and a classic beef with jalapeño, avocado and cheese.

We went to Sweethaus next door for dessert after Mazen sweetly asked me if we could go. I got a funfetti cupcake in honor of my niece Emerson’s birthday!

On Saturday morning we were all up early for Mazen’s soccer game. Great Harvest Pumpkin Swirl Toast + peanut butter yogurt (just plain yogurt with PB powder stirred in!) for a quick breakfast.

Look at that sky!!

We spent a few hours playing Batman city and Pokemon at home before Mazen went off on an adventure with Matt, and Thomas and I went to the grocery store and on a long walk.

I had a Daily Harvest smoothie for lunch because we had plans for an early dinner and I’d had a few snacks throughout the day (dates, almond butter, apple slices.) This one had chickpeas inside for protein and is advertised to taste like “oatmeal cookie dough.” It was delish. (Get 3 free smoothies on your first order if you want to try it! The chai flavor is my fav 🙂 )

On Saturday night we went to our friends’ house for a chili dinner – how appropriate! I made a version of this sesame kale salad with red pepper, avocado, and sunflower seeds. The chili and cornbread were spot on for the weather!

I am SO ready to meet this little baby!! I was a week late with my water breaking first last when Mazen was born, so you would think I’d be mentally prepared for a similar experience this time. But I’m also expecting to be hit with a strong contraction any minute that sends me into labor. I think because I missed out on the whole “timing contractions at home” thing last time that that’s what I’m expecting this time. But things could go down the same way as they did with Mazen too. Either way, two weeks to go, tops. This is no longer a hypothetical experience in the distant future – one way or another it’s happening soon!

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