Friday, November 2, 2018

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Baby Birch: The First Days

Hello my friends! I have written 26 blog posts in my head this week and have so much to share and say but no time to sit down and type out my thoughts! I also can’t wait to find some time to write out Birch’s birth story, but as I promised myself, I’m taking off the pressure to be online and focusing on enjoying this time as much as I can. Birch is currently napping on Thomas in the Boba wrap, so I have a few minutes to check in with you all.

I love this photo that Thomas took of us when B was just hours old. I spent the whole first day in awe of the fact that this perfect little baby was INSIDE OF ME the day before. Pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle. I also must have said 100 times on Monday “I am so glad I am not pregnant anymore!” Those last few weeks were soooo uncomfortable, and it’s crazy how immediate the relief is as soon as they come out! It’s also crazy to me how much time I spent thinking about going into labor, preparing for labor, timing false labor contractions, etc and then all of a sudden none of that matters any more. My recovery has been great, and I’m feeling so much like my normal self.


After that first million dollar shower! We’re wearing our matching outfits. I loved them, but I have one big regret: do not buy a light colored postpartum outfit. Let’s just say that I wished my pants were navy or black or gray as the day went on.

We had sweet visits from Mr. Mazen and Matt both days. Mazen is very proud of his little bro! He is hesitant to do too much touching, and he seemed nervous to hold him, but he’s warming up bit by bit. He thinks everything Birch does is hilarious!

B’s doting grandparents came to visit (and brought us delicious pizza and Kohr Brothers!!) and Uncle Clay and Aunt Melissa as well.

Birch had some bilirubin concerns on our second day (apparently Thomas and I have a blood type incompatibility that raises his risk) and the pediatrician ordered a few additional tests to monitor his levels, but thankfully once that first sleepy day passed his levels returned to normal.

The air smelled so fresh when we headed home on the most beautiful, sunny, fall day on Wednesday!

It was so great to be home, and I am having fun doing all the fun mom things like using our pretty swaddle blankies and trying on cute new outfits! So far B thinks the dock a tot is “just ok” and totally dislikes his Halo Bassinet. He loves being held, so we’ve started baby wearing a lot of the time.

Coming home on a holiday was a bit overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to see Mazen and wanted to share the excitement of Halloween, but it was a lot all at once since we were going on such little sleep and had a lot of unpacking and adjusting to do. We got him set up for trick or treating, and Matt took him out. We put a big bowl of candy on our porch with a note that said “please take one” and so we didn’t have to open the door all night.

Mazen came home late and I ended up nursing Birch while doing Where’s Waldo and letting Mazen eat Skittles in bed. It was chaotic but also a fun night to look back on.

T’s mom brought us dinner our first night – quiche, salad, and desserts. I’ve been really hungry!! Our first night was long and quite hard, but we made it. T ended up holding Birch in an armchair while he slept on his chest for most of the night and sleeping when I was nursing. We made a lot of progress on night two though, so hopefully things will get better on the sleep front!

This photo is captioned: “That moment when all of your dad dreams come true.” Thomas was up in our room at 7am on day 2 with a baby carrier strapped on! I had to tell him B was too small for that one, and we switched to the Boba Wrap. He’s been loving it, and B sleeps so well in there. Gussie is adjusting well too. He doesn’t seem to notice the baby unless he has the squeaky hiccups! Gus’s ears get all perky and he looks around to find the noise. We are being careful not to leave Birch alone with him for now, as we know dogs can act strangely with new babies. We gave T’s parents a onesie to take home from the hospital and help Gus get used to baby smell.

On night two we had Mona Lisa Pasta and canned green beans with goat cheese because we desperately need some groceries! Going to the store today for all the fresh food staples. I also had a small glass of red wine – it was epic!!

It’s hard to believe this was me a week ago:

I am SO EXCITED to wear normal clothes again! While I’m sure it will be a while until I’m ready for pants that button, my shirts fit right away. Until I realized that none of them are nursing friendly! I have some nursing clothes from last time, and the layered nursing tank + pull up shirt is always easy to do with what you have, but I’d love to get a few cute, stylish tops and staples. Share your favorite brands and go-to items in the comments!

Thank you all for all of your comments and messages!! <3

from Kath Eats Real Food

Jill’s Wing Recipe

Hi, guys! Happy Friday! The weekend is so close, I can taste it! 🙂

FYI: The walk challenge starts on SUNDAY! If you’re looking for a challenge this month and haven’t signed up yet, be sure to register!

We’re right in the middle of football season, which means I’m eating, drinking, and being merry while not watching all that much football! 😉 I like football just fine, but I’m a much bigger fan of the socializing and snacks when it comes to sporting events.

Recently, at a weekend get-together, my friend Jill made the most delicious batch of party wings for the Patriots game. She shared the recipe with me, and it’s so incredibly easy to make, I just had to share it with you guys. It only requires 4 ingredients and turns out well every time (aka it’s really tough to screw up this recipe)!


Jill’s Wing Recipe

  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 60
  • Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes


3-ish pounds party wings

1 cup soy sauce

1 cup olive oil

1 cup honey

Ground ginger and/or black pepper to taste (optional)


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

Mix together olive oil, honey, and soy sauce in a small bowl.

Place wings in a baking dish and pour mixture over them.

Cook for 1 hour and then remove 3/4 of the liquid.

Return baking dish to oven and broil wings until desired crispness. Allow to cool slightly before serving.

from Carrots 'N' Cake