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Enjoy The Holiday Season Without Missing Out [FREE Macro Ebook]

In a perfect world, we’d all “hit our macros” every single day, but, in the next few weeks leading up to the holidays, your days will likely be jam-packed with opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry. Of course, it’s the most wonderful time of year and you should enjoy yourself, but if you’re not careful with your choices, too many splurges can really add up and wreak havoc on your goals. I mean, no one wants to ring in the new year a few pounds heavier, right?

For those of us who are focused on our health, it can be easier said than done, especially when seasonal food temptations are just about everywhere. But being super focused on our food choices takes away the joy that comes along with the holidays – and no one wants that either!

It’s all about finding this holiday season, so I’ve included several tips to keep you on track with your nutrition without obsessing or being “chained” to your macro numbers. Also included are 10 (!!) nutritious, delicious, and macro-friendly, holiday-inspired recipes to help you enjoy your healthiest holiday season yet – my gift to you!



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Why I almost stopped writing.

I almost let corruption win.

When I started revealing how big food manipulates us, I thought everyone would be happy. And most people were.

But what about the companies we demanded change from? They were mad. And before I knew it, I became the target of a national smear campaign.

They called me a quack, a fearmonger, and a pseudoscientist. And they threatened me.

All I wanted to do was show people how to live a healthier life, and there I was. Getting death threats.

I became a mom, and I didn’t know whether it would be safe for me and my family. So, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to publish my new book…

…but then I realize it’s not just about me and my family. It’s about all of us. It’s about you. Your friends. Your children. Your family. And that’s why I knew I had to finish my book Feeding You Lies.

And wow. Yesterday was one of the best days ever. My book is finally available for pre-order, and seeing your reaction gives me hope…

“I am blown away that you wrote a book instead of cowering, it shows amazing courage” – Tammy“Just pre-ordered my copy. Thanks for taking this on!” – Elaine

“We are all with you! Fight the good fight!” – Pam

“We’ve have learned from you so much and continue to learn. We look forward to your new book!” – Ozzie

“LOVE IT! PREORDERED DONE!!!! Thank you Vani for sticking your neck out there. We are RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!! Xxx” – Lindsey

“Keep up the good work. Don’t let them stop you. Personally I have learned from you and I look forward to what’s new from FOODBABE. You have helped open my eyes and made me more inquisitive. Thank you for fighting.” – Sandi

“You got your army behind you! Thanks for all that you do to make us live a healthier life”– Jessica

Thank you so much.

Pre-ordering is very important in the book world.

It sends a signal to bookstores everywhere that they should carry Feeding You Lies when it comes out in February.

It also helps to ensure that bookstores are stocked up with enough copies. We need to get this book into the hands of more people, as quickly as possible, when it hits stores.

It’s so exciting to see this book come to life. It was a VERY emotionally draining book to write – but it had to be done.

I could not sit on the piles of information I’ve been compiling over the last 4 years and just keep it to myself. I want you to know everything that I now know about WHY and HOW the food industry manipulates us.

Even more so, I want to show you how to identify their lies, so you can move past them into a healthier way of life.

It’s not like any diet or health book you’ve ever read…

Feeding You Lies isn’t only a manifesto that recounts the sins of the food industry. I go beyond that…

I give you ACTION STEPS that protect you from cheap, processed, unhealthy foods and the health problems and suffering they cause.

I provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

I help you overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your taking greater responsibility for your health.

I help you dig deeper and look for evidence of deception in today’s food world.

I help you take control of your life—and change it for the better.

Here’s where to pre-order your copy of Feeding You Lies:

Thank you SO much!!! Please forward this email to your loved ones to let them know about this book too.



P.S. Remember, pre-ordering is very important for helping this book get off the ground! After you place a pre-order, it will be shipped to you on its release date on February 19, 2019, so you will get to be one of the very first people to read it.

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