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Master Your Macros Challenge [Starts January 7th]

Hi, friends!

Can you believe it’s already December 13th? Holy cow, the holiday season is flying by! I also can’t believe it’s just about time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals. Ok, ok… I know the whole New Year’s resolution concept gets a little overhyped, and I’ve personally gone back and forth as to whether or not I am going to partake this year. However, I know myself, and I know that I love fresh starts and making plans (Type A right here) to move myself towards achieving my goals.

What I’ve found throughout the years is that ACCOUNTABILITY works really well for me – whether I am making a resolution at the new year or any time throughout the year (aka the “10,000 Steps Per Day Challenge”). Even better is taking on a goal with friends or a community, who is experiencing the same challenges and successes – and who is there to support you all along the way. It truly makes the experience more enjoyable and helps you get that much close to achieving what you set out to do!

That said, I am SO EXCITED to share the Carrots ‘N’ Cake “Master Your Macros” Challenge! This group challenge is intended to jumpstart your motivation, teach you about macros, and help you “master” how they fit into your lifestyle with the support of the CNC community. Tracking macros is different for everyone, which, of course, is why they are so great. Once you figure out how they can work for you, they become an awesome tool for healthy living and balanced food choices. During the challenge, you’ll work with a nutrition coach to find the right macro balance and eating habits to fuel your lifestyle and goals.

Related (since I get this question a lot): You don’t need to follow a specific diet to track macros. You can be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, AIP, low-carb, etc., and macros will still work for you. The thing is – if you don’t know how to hit your protein goal, for example, macros can be challenging. Working with a nutrition coach to address some of these personal challenges will teach you what you need to do, so you can go off on your own and track like a champ!

Ok, back to details about the challenge…

The “Master Your Macros” Challenge starts on January 7th for everyone, but you have the choice of a 4- or 8-week plan. Each plan includes your own personal macronutrient calculation (protein, carbs, and fat for both workout and rest days) as well as one-on-one coaching to help you through tracking challenges and support you throughout your plan. You’ll also receive recipes, grocery shopping lists, and the support of the CNC community via our private Facebook group.

Which plan is right for you? You can choose between a 4- or 8- week macro coaching program, and the best fit totally depends on your goals. If you have longer-term goals, need accountability, or you’re newer to counting macros, join the 8-week challenge. If you are someone who has counted macros in the past or just needs a motivation jumpstart, the 4-week option is a great choice. Both plans are included in the “Master Your Macros” Challenge and will receive plenty of weekly motivation and support to help you succeed!

I’ll be joining you guys for the challenge and supporting you through the 4- or 8-week journey. (Let’s just say, I’ve already taken full advantage of the holiday season, and I know I will need a jumpstart once the new year comes! Holy cookies and booze!) I’m really excited to do this together – share recipes, weekly wins, and struggles. It’s motivating to know you aren’t alone in the journey – plus, ACCOUNTABILITY is huge for helping achieve your goals!

Does this sound like just what you need to start the new year? Come join us and rock your nutrition goals in 2019! Sign up by picking your program from below:

We start January 7th, so be sure to mark your calendars!


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New & Newsworthy

How amazing is our new watercolor of Gus the dog!? Artist Bruna Mebs has done an illustration of Mazen and a watercolor of my parents’ home, and we’ve added this lovely painting of Gus to the collection. It was a gift for Thomas for his birthday! Bruna is offerig you all 15% off of custom artwork with the code KATHEATS on Etsy. If you order in time, a painting would make a wonderful holiday gift for someone who ‘has it all.’

YHL Furniture

Did you see that Young House Love has a new furniture line at Wayfair!? I love everything about their style! The scalloped sideboard above is my favorite piece, and I wish I had a need to buy this table!

Let There Be Smart Lights

Our house is getting smarter by the day! We now have six Alexa plugs that control our main floor and bedroom lights. Since my hands are often occupied with a baby, it has been amazing to control the lights with my voice! On the main floor, Alexa controls the three lamps there if we say “Alexa lights on/off.” We also have the Christmas tree on a timer plug but you can voice activate it too by saying “Alexa turn on tree.”

When we go upstairs at night, we say “Alexa goodnight” and she turns off the main floor lamps and turns on the upstairs ones. We have my nightstand lamp along with a new Himalayan salt lamp on two plugs up there. The salt lamp is great for nighttime with Birch when I need light but want to keep things dim. It creates just the perfect amount of light to see for diaper changes and nursing. We just say “Echo (because we have an Echo up there) turn on salt” in the middle of the night and we can see without getting out of bed.

Finally, we have the Amazon Cloud Cam (which I bought bundled with the Echo Spot which has a screen) as our nursery monitor and it’s been going great (for the few crib naps we get.) I LOVE that we can see it from our computers and phones. Another great bonus is that I can get a motion alert on my phone anytime he moves, so I don’t have to always be watching the screen. I didn’t know if we would like it more or less than a traditional baby monitor (which we still have) but so far, liking it MORE! At night when he moves to his nursery someday, we can use the Echo in our room to keep the screen on him.

Bra Style

Thanks to all of you who recommended the Brooks Juno for nursing. The velcro-down straps are great and it has great support. I’m still wearing my sports bra on the outside of my workout clothes for home workouts. It’s low on fashion but high on functionality!!

Leggings Update

And finally a leggings update. The current four pairs in my rotation are:

Favorite overall: Align. They just fit better than the Wunder Unders and the waist is the most comfortable. They do have a little pilling in the crotch but I don’t wear them for workouts. I think they look best with clothes too! I sort of wish I’d gotten a second pair instead of the Wunders but I’m happy to have both. I’ve decided the Athletas are my favorites for workouts, and the Amazon ones are a bit too compression-y and tight but I still like them a lot for the price. I just never reach for them unless everything else is in the laundry.

That’s a wrap!

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