Friday, December 21, 2018

Weekly Link Love—Edition 8

Twas The Weekend Before Christmas

Oatmeal. Smoothie. Yogurt bowl. Repeat! That’s been my breakfast rotation. Since I don’t want to be leaning over the stovetop while babywearing, I’m making oatmeal in the rice cooker and saving eggs for the weekend. Smoothies from Daily Harvest or Sub-Zero are the easiest to make with one hand. I made some more of my new favorite granola and have the recipe post coming right after Christmas!

Lunches have been one handed as well. I remember when Mazen was little having to eat SOFAST all the time after spending years teaching myself to slowly savor food. Tis the season this time as well.


In my bowl? Kale salad and potstickers. Thomas’s mom brought us these potstickers from Costco and they are SO GOOD! We panfried them. The ingredient list is fairly wholesome too. Pita chips on the side!

The dinner version with rice, green beans and a homemade teriyaki sauce. (I just googled to get a sauce recipe – turned out good!)

Thai has been the theme this week because our neighbor brought us Thai takeout for dinner! We had chicken pad Thai and green curry. I added salad and a yummy spring roll to my pad Thai and saved my curry portion for lunch.

Curry over a salad? Why not!

Highlight of last week: lunch at Pippin Hill with my ladies!! That salad was awesome! I also had delicious wood-oven pizza that I had for leftovers the next day.

Finally, I did another round of food orders from Plenty. We had sausage with polenta, kale salad, and this garlic-ginger beef over rice. We added freshly sautéed broccoli and mushrooms. We loved it!

B says he’s been on Santa’s nice list this year!

from Kath Eats Real Food