Monday, November 4, 2019

The Information Monopolies

Google, don’t be Evil. Please.  

The internet era created arguably the greatest access to information and ideas that humanity has ever experienced. 

However, this ability to share information, tinker, and experiment, has loosened the hold that governments, corporations, and academia have on the populace at large. 

Recently, this freedom has become a precarious thing…

The Information Monopolies (such as Google and Facebook) have begun to curate and or suppress access to information on a variety of topics. 


Although there is much debate as to the morality of these actions (they ARE private companies) one might wonder if, although these behemoths CAN do something, should they actually do it?

What is the motivation for Google making it remarkably difficult to find information on low carb, ketogenic, and similar diets? 

Some may merely shrug and dismiss the whole mess, but
a recent Harvard study looked at a low carbohydrate diet in type 1 diabetic children…this is a highly controversial topic, and in general the medical establishment views low carb diets as “dangerous and ill advised” for diabetics. 

Yet the results of the study were remarkable…

The journal said that NO protocol of diet OR drugs had EVER produced the results obtained in this well-conducted, low carbohydrate diet study. 

The discussion and basic information which underpinned this study is now verboten within the Google search algorithms which turn to outlets such as WebMD as seemingly the sole arbiters of truth. 

It’s worth mentioning that this study was so impressive that it appears to have changed the culture within the governing bodies responsible for making public health recommendations related to diabetes. 

The “establishment” may soon adopt guidelines much more aligned with the protocols detailed in the study…but the study occurred due to the vocal activity of online entities which educated and supported tens of thousands of families dealing with type 1 diabetes. 

This same information is now actively suppressed by entities such as Google and Facebook.

This process, if left unchecked, will create an intellectual bottleneck which could effectively halt innovation which could occur if we meld network effects and basic science. 

Does this make you angry? Scare the living daylights out of you? 



Join us in the healthy rebellion


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