Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Friday 5

Hi, friends!

Happy Friday to you! 🙂

What a week, right? My head is still spinning from the post-new year craziness and my one million item To Do list. Yeehaw! Thankfully, I had some time to put together this blog post with my top favorites from the week. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Chatting with Taylor about ALL things macros on The Trillest Podcast – I was recently on the The Trillest Podcast talking about macros with Taylor (one of the co-hosts). She signed up for one of my macro plans with me as her coach, so she shares her experience in this episode. Tune in to see what she had to say!

Chocolate Donut Seasoning – Zero -calorie Chocolate Donut Seasoning? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this stuff is the bomb, and I love putting it on apple slices, rice cakes with peanut butter, and so much more. If you like chocolate and donuts (I mean, who doesn’t?), you need this seasoning in your life!

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen – This product is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the Beautycounter makeup line. For real. Click, cover, correct! Easy as that! I use this product just about everyday along with the Dew Skin, which is the perfect combination for someone (aka me) who likes minimal effort makeup!

The concealer pen helps cover dark eye circles, redness, acne scars, and other imperfections. What I like best about this concealer over other ones that I’ve tried is that it’s thick and gooey. You’re probably thinking: “Eww, gooey?” But, I swear, it’s a positive! 🙂 The concealer is really moisturizing, so it goes on smoothly for flawless coverage. It’s also formulated with knotgrass extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and photoaging, so your skin looks firmer, brighter, and more even. And, of course, the click-pen design and brush applicator make it so easy to apply. You get just the right amount of concealer exactly where you need it, so there’s no messing around.

I wear the Light shade just to give you an idea on what shade to pick. FYI: Beautycounter has an awesome return policy, so if you do pick the wrong shade, just send it back within 60 days for a full refund or just exchange for a different color.

Additionally, if you missed my blog post yesterday, I mentioned that Beautycounter is offering a great deal right now on their regimens!

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Brooks Bedlam (aka the prettiest sneakers I own) – Right? Super cute!! They’re almost too pretty to workout in, but, of course, I do – and I almost always get a compliment on them! I also love wearing these babies in my everyday life to run errands, etc. They’re supportive, but light and energizing at the same time, and I love running on the treadmill with them lately. I also wore them to a Step class earlier in the week, and they performed really well. I, however, was a total goober with my coordination! Haha! The Bedlam are definitely a new favorite!

Cuyana Classic Leather Tote – You might have read a review or two now about my favorite leather tote that I’ve had for years now. Well, I get questions about it ALL the time from people in real life and strangers on the Internet – pretty much any time I share a photo of me holding it, so I figured I should profess my love for it again! This leather tote is seriously the best bag ever. It’s held up so well over the years and still looks practically brand new. It’s definitely an awesome investment! 🙂 If you’re on the fence about purchasing it, feel free to check out my review, which includes a video too!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

P.S. Here’s a bonus favorite from the week: A newly organized RECIPE PAGE! Holy cow, it makes searching for recipes on CNC so much easier. Check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

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Are We Overly Obsessed with Healthy Eating?

Are We Overly Obsessed with Healthy Eating?

It’s impossible to generalize about this, but readers may be interested in an article in the Boston Globe Magazine by Jenai Engelhard, in which I was quoted:

Is our obsession with healthy eating out of control?

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5 Factoids from the Week

Hi, guys!

Does anyone else use the word “factoids” in there everyday life or is it kind of weird? I wrote the title for this blog post and thought maybe it was a bit strange, but I actually use the word from time-to-time. But, hey, that’s just me letting my freak flag fly. Ha! Anyway, I just wanted to share some random “factoids” from the week! 🙂

1. Kindergarten registration was this week, and I can’t believe my baby is off to school next year – riding the bus and being a big kid. Oh my gosh, time sure does fly! (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

2. We booked a vacation to Punta Cana! Mal and I have been talking about taking a tropical vacation for years now. We actually wanted to do one for our 10th wedding anniversary last summer, but it didn’t work out. We are beyond excited to visit the Club Med in Punta Cana this July! We picked this resort based off recommendations as well as it being super kid-friendly and all-inclusive.

3. I finally organized the recipes on Carrots ‘N’ Cake! There’s even a handy-dandy search option – check it out! 🙂

Latest Videos


4. I took a Step Aerobics class on Monday, and my calves are still sore! The class was awesome and so much tougher than I remember. Obviously, my Step choreography skills were a bit rusty, but the pace was en fuego! Usually, I don’t have trouble keeping up in group exercise classes, but between the choreography and pace, I was a hot mess! It was definitely a good workout, and I’ll probably pop into a class every now and then.

5. We are loving the library lately. Of course, it’s great for Quinn. He loves picking out new books, and we’ve seen his love for reading and wanting to learn how to read so much in the past several months. I’m also loving it because I can read new book for free instead of ordering them on Amazon. I actually just requested What to Eat When and can’t wait to dive in!

Question of the Day

What good books have you read lately? 

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Instant Pot Short Ribs with Sesame Ginger Slaw

My Mom Uniform

The most glamorous thing I wear everyday is my baby. Obvi. I couldn’t survive motherhood without my Solly wrap!

This post by Sherry of Young House Love really struck a nerve with me earlier this year. I have paired down my closet so many times as I have gotten more and more into minimalism. Yet I still only wear about 30% of my wardrobe during regular weeks. This paragraph from Sherry’s post was what spoke to me the most:

That’s the core idea behind my “uniform” – just figuring out what you love and stopping the vicious cycle of buying other things to stay “on trend” or for the sake of “variety” or to “look different” and then realizing months later that you never wear them because they don’t make you feel as good or you don’t like the cut or the color nearly as much as your tried and true favorites.

The “for variety’s sake” part of her post spoke to me loud and clear. I tend to hang on to so many pieces “just in case” a certain occasion comes along, or worse, so I am not photographed on the blog wearing the same thing every day. But I still wear the same comfortable staples all the time. Comfort is the number one factor for me when I’m choosing an outfit. It’s hard to find clothes that are stylish, pretty, and comfortable. I wore the same pair of maternity shorts in four different colors all summer long because they were the only shorts that were comfortable.


Actually speaking of maternity clothes, that’s sort of where the uniform idea really gelled for me. My maternity wardrobe was much smaller than my usual one, and I did just fine. This concept is kind of like how my preferred way to decorate a house is neutral grays and whites on the walls, trim, and larger pieces dressed up with easy-to-change accent pieces. I still tend to choose a neutral palate even for the accents. So it makes sense that I’d keep my wardrobe staples to my favorite neutral colors and fabrics and change my look from day to day with accessories – scarves, outerwear, jewelry, hair, etc.

Boob Designs Jackie Neck Dress 

All this to say that when I unpacked the few nursing clothes I kept from when Mazen was little, I hated everything. The shirts were flowy and boxy and all short sleeves? I have no idea what I wore that first winter he was breastfeeding. But nursing clothes have come a long way! As soon as Birch was born I realized I needed some new nursing-friendly clothes. I went to Green Bean Baby Boutique and bought a few of the nicer Boob Designs pieces in person and ordered inexpensive staples on Amazon at 3 am. For a while all of my social feeds had ads for nursing clothes! Of course you could just lift up your shirt to nurse – but breastfeeding is so much easier when you have a hoodie that flips up or shirt that moves to the side, especially in the cold winter when you don’t want to take off your shirt. And who doesn’t want to make breastfeeding a little easier?

Old Navy Zip Down Sweater Tunic

May I present to you my 2019 Mom Uniform and nursing-friendly favorites.

  1. Amazon Patchwork Pullover – my favorite “I’m not leaving the house today” top. The patchworks unzip diagonally!
  2. Amazon Lacy Shirt – this is great for warmer days and dressier occasions and the top panel flips up.
  3. Amazon Short Sleeve Shirts – these are good for layering under a wrap or warm days and the v-neck moves to the side.
  4. Athleta Lined Soho Joggers – I already owned these, but they are great stretchy waistband pants with pockets and I wear them all the time so I wanted to include them in the list.
  5. Amazon 90 Degree High Waist Leggings – these are my new favorites for working out (see below for fashion ones)
  6. Amazon Purple Activewear Hoodie – my favorite top for going on sweaty walks or treadmill workouts.
  7. Amazon Cozy Long Sleeve Shirt – go-to for days at home
  8. Boob Designs Jackie Neck Dress – party dress of the season!! It’s so comfortable, and the panel flips up for nursing.
  9. Brooks Juno Sports Bra – super supportive and velcro down straps. I need a second one.
  10. Hofish Bras – these are super affordable and very comfortable. They have padded cups and are fairly supportive.
  11. Lululemon Align 25″ Leggings – you’ve heard me praise these over and over. The BEST leggings for lounging and under dresses and tunics!
  12. Target Nursing Tanks – love these because they are stretchy cotton and very long
  13. Old Navy Zip Down Sweater Tunic – The top zips down on both sides and the sweater material can be dressed up a bit
  14. Boob Designs Haley Top – I love this top for dressier activities like a ladies lunch. The panel flips up.
  15. GAP Maternity Stripe Shirt – this fabric is super soft, stretchy, and lightweight. it’s also fairly long.
  16. Latched Mama Petal Front Hoodie – I love the length of this tunic and it’s almost like a dress. The panel pops up.
  17. Boob Designs B Warmer Hoodie – my GO TO staple for everyday!! So cozy and I love the pocket for my phone. It’s tunic length so can look a little dressy with boots. Like all of the Boob Designs tops, the panel flips up.
  18. Boob Designs Simone Dress – party dress #2 for more casual events. great thick-but-stretchy material.
  19. Boob Designs Simone Shirt – this shirt didn’t make the collage for some reason, but the fabric is really thick and I can dress it up a bit! It’s probably my favorite. Pictured below!

I have a great mix of really nice Boob Designs and Lulu/Athleta pieces and inexpensive loungewear from Amazon and Old Navy. Of course these aren’t the only clothes I wear, but they are the ones that are in high rotation. My old wardrobe is currently in storage with a label that reads “Do not open until 2019.” Honestly I can’t even remember what is in that box, but I don’t really need any of it for now because the tops are not easy to nurse in and the bottoms are probably too snug. I think the best thing about these nursing clothes is that there is no reason not to keep wearing them long after Birch is weaned because the secret panels are not obvious. Unlike maternity clothes, these I can wear forever!

Latched Mama Petal Front Hoodie

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Clean Eating Potato Soup Recipe

This clean eating potato soup is delicious for a chilly evening at home.

I have to thank my Mom for this delicious bowl of soup! You see, Mom and I were a lot alike. We both loved to cook (and bake)… Read more →

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