Monday, January 21, 2019

Join Me This Week On the “Whole30® Recipes” Instagram!

Hey, everybody! This week I’m taking over the Whole30 Recipes Instagram. Yup, today through Sunday (1/21-1/27), you can follow me on their feed, where I’ll be posting throughout each day and offering tips and ideas that blend the best of Primal philosophy with Whole30 principles.

It’s seven full days of content—exclusive commentary, delicious recipes and new videos you’ve never seen—all from yours truly. Make sure to check out the Whole30 Recipes static feed and Instagram Stories for all my postings, and let me know what you think.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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I Feel and Function As If I’m Half My Age

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

You may have noticed that my computer changed color from silver to rose gold. That’s because I bit the bullet and upgraded to the newest MacBook Air! I bought an Air almost four years ago and loved it wholeheartedly. It felt new much longer than my other computers. I am Mac for life! When they came out with a new Air this fall, I started researching it and there were a few features that I really wanted to have – a smoother keyboard, a much larger and more sensitive trackpad, a better battery life (my old one’s battery wasn’t dead but it was slowly dying), and the fingerprint sensor to log on. I was able to take my old one to the Simply Mac store here in Cville and trade it in for a few hundred dollars, so the cost of the new one wasn’t horrible. I am SO happy with the purchase! The features I was excited about are all so great. She’s a beaut!

Upon getting a new laptop, I had to research new versions of Adobe Lightroom, which is what I use to manage my photo process for the blog. At first I wasn’t totally thrilled with switching from the desktop version of Lightroom to the new Creative Cloud option, which is a monthly subscription of $9.99. But it was nice not to have to buy the software up front, and I was immediately kicking myself for not doing this sooner when I realized all the improvements to Lightroom! The interface is much sleeker and has been simplified. I think it’s easier to use with shortcuts and a more visual design.


My only complaint is the export process (but maybe I just haven’t quite figured it out yet?) I would love to be able to have pre-set export options remembered like the old version, but it seems you have to change the export folder and sizes manually each time.

But the one thing that I LOVEEEE about the new Lightroom CC is that you can auto sync photos from your phone to the desktop version through the app. I used to AirDrop all of my photos from my iPhone to my computer and drag them to a watched folder, which wasn’t hard but it was an extra step. Now they just appear – magically – in both the app and desktop version until I edit, export, and delete them! This is saving me so much time and ensures I never miss a cute photo of Mr. Birch or a meal.

Next on the new list is a set of AirPods! I’ve used various Bluetooth devices in the past (this is my $18 one that I like a lot and still use for specific things). Thomas bought AirPods a while ago, and over Christmas I borrowed his a few times just to test them out. Of course that was a “mistake” because once I started using them I realized what I was missing. What’s so cool about AirPods isn’t the design or the sound quality – it’s the usability!! Usability is what Apple does best, from syncing everything on the cloud to iMessage to auto detection and AirDrop. When I say usability, I mean that your iPhone or MacBook automatically detects the AirPods, that the battery percentages automatically show, that they auto turn on when you put them in your ears and auto pause when you take them out. So in short, just like the Lightroom improvements, my headphone efficiency has been maxed out : ) And obviously the design and sound quality are secondary pros. If you’re wondering, I haven’t had any trouble with them falling out on a run.

And see that cute little case? I bought it on Amazon to help us tell our AirPods apart and because I love the color and little hook. It slides on perfectly and keeps them save too.

Finally, I was invited to put together a little Amazon Store with some of my favorite things. I’m only including things I have actually bought and mentioned because I often get messages from you guys asking me “What was the vacuum you love again?” or “Which leggings were only $26 on Amazon?” This way I can point you guys to the store where everything is in one place. Again, these are only things I have actually bought and not a wish list of random Amazon things.

That’s it for all!

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