Monday, February 18, 2019

Recessed Lighting Day

Saturday was “recessed lighting day” at the Haupert household! 🙂

After getting recessed lighting (and new counters) in our kitchen, Mal and I talked about getting recessed lightening throughout the rest of our house for months and month, but never actually did it. Our friend Matty is an (awesome) electrician and has wired practically half of the South Shore, so we finally got our acts together and hired him for the job.

Mal stayed and helped out Matty, so Quinn and I headed out to run some errands. First, we hit up the YMCA. I did a quick treadmill workout and then we swung by Whole Foods at Derby Street for a few groceries. Quinn was PUMPED to score the tractor cart. They’re hard to come by!

Then, it was off to Quinn’s final soccer practice of the season.

In 6 weeks, he came leaps and bounds from his first practice where we asked us if he could leave and play video games after about 5 minutes to having THE BEST time! He was really into all of the different drills and activities!

I shared a photo on Instagram Stories of the Brooks Bedlam that I was wearing and received approximately 1 million questions about them, so I wanted to share the details here too. They really are the cutest sneakers and great for running too! 😉

Back at home, our recessed lighting project was just about finished. Matty added recessed lighting to Quinn’s bedroom (below), my office (also pictured below), master bedroom, and guest room. He did a great job and, my gosh, he was efficient. It only took him about 4 hours – start to finish!

Now that we have all of this awesome lighting in our house, I have no idea what we’re going to do with all of our lamps!? We really don’t need them anymore. Lamp yard sale?

The rest of the evening was pretty low-key. After putting Quinn to bed, Mal and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, which was REALLY good, and I ate about a zillion “Baked Cheese Crunchies” from Trader Joe’s. I swear, they’re tastier than regular Cheetos and super addictive!

Question of the Day

What’s on your house project To Do List? 

We’re hoping to replace our sink, vanity, and mirror in our downstairs bathroom this spring/summer.

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We Want To Share Your Stories (and a Giveaway!)

Success stories will be back in their regular slot next Monday, but for today I want to issue an invitation.

Now that we’ve turned the corner on the first month of the year, I know some of you have already seen big success with Primal or Primal-keto living. And I’d love to share your stories—to help inspire others here and to offer the kind of varied and personal accounts that only reader experiences can. Will you join the hundreds of others who have helped along the way?

Over the years I’ve heard time and again about folks finally taking the plunge because of a story that touched them personally. Maybe they had the information, knew the Primal laws, had read the blog for weeks or months even, but another reader’s account of their journey brought it all home for them. The difficulties that person started with and the amazing transformation that resulted—this was a story they were somehow meant to read. It was what reached them—and put them on their own path to renewed health, more vitality, and a better life.

The fact is, when you share your own story, you never know who you’ll be helping. And that’s an awesome thing.

I’ll add that it doesn’t matter if you’ve reached your ultimate goals yet or are still on your way. If you’re feeling better, eating better, moving better, sleeping better and just living better, that’s what inspires people. I bet there are a whole lot of folks hesitating on the sidelines wondering if they can do this who would love to hear from someone who hasn’t necessarily reached their goal but is on their way—someone who’s a month or two in who can show them that the beginning isn’t as hard as they fear it will be. And that the benefits come sooner than they dare imagine.

Likewise, if you’re someone who went Primal years ago (and even submitted an earlier success story) but continue to live a better life than you dreamed because of the changes you made long ago—we want to hear how you’ve stayed the course, what adjustments you’ve found helpful, what long-term lessons have surfaced over the years. There’s nothing quite like a great update.

So, let me offer an incentive to kick us off…. 

The Giveaway

Anyone who sends me their success story along with photos will be entered to win a $200 gift certificate to Primal Kitchen®. That’s $200 of Primal bucks for all the Avocado Oil, Mayo, Condiments, Dressings, or Collagen you want—your choice.

Want to try our new BBQ or Steak Sauces? Check. How about a full collection of Collagen or Protein Bars? Check. Prefer to stock up on Primal Fuel? Whatever your favorites, you got ’em.

I’ll also choose two additional submissions for a Primal library collection with some of our most popular titles: The Primal Connection, Primal Cravings, Paleo Cooking Bootcamp For Busy People, The Paleo Primer, and Primal Blueprint: Healthy Sauces and Dressings.

Anyone who submits a story will receive a 20% discount they can apply to any purchase from either or

I’m sure many of you have thought about sending your story in but just haven’t gotten around to it. There is no better time than now.

Write it up and include a few photos—the more the merrier, the bigger the better (since it’s easier to format for the site that way). Including both pre-Primal and post-Primal pics is even better, but isn’t required.

Don’t worry if you’re not a chiseled Adonis. This isn’t a “who’s the most ripped” competition. No matter where you’re at in your transformation,  tell me what going Primal has done for you so far.

How To Do It

I’m looking for interesting and personal tales. Details about your health history, how you found MDA and the Primal Blueprint, what has worked and what hasn’t, what differences you’ve seen in how you look and feel, and anything else you think readers might be able to learn from and you’re open to sharing are welcome. It doesn’t have to be a 3000-word essay, but it’s hopefully more than a few paragraphs. Feel free to be creative with your story format, too. Still, remember, good stories usually have a beginning, a middle, and an end—and honesty is king.

Check out other Success Stories here for ideas on how to write your own story.

Email me your story along with pictures. Please use the subject heading “My Primal Story.” Otherwise, there’s a good chance we might miss your submission.


Anyone in the world can enter.

Additionally, everyone who has submitted a Success Story to Mark’s Daily Apple in the past is free to submit an updated story and new photos.

The Deadline:

Friday, March 8, 2019, midnight PST

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

My staff and I determine which stories and accompanying photos get published on MDA. The winners of the giveaway will be chosen at random from those that are submitted by the deadline.

Thanks, everybody. I’m excited to read what you send—and to share it with our MDA audience. Have a great weekend.


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The School Dance

Hi friends! We are slated to have some yucky winter weather ’round here, but I have the false sense of spring because I bought a pair of rocking chairs for our front porch over the weekend. Fake it until you make it, right?!

On Friday night I was Mazen’s date to his first school dance!

Before we left I had a “clean out the fridge” salad dinner. (And he had a spinach + cheese quesadilla!)

Birch ate pretend kale. And milk.

He and Thomas stayed home to snuggle. And keep it simple.

Mazey seemed a bit nervous for the dance, and I had to break out all the embarrassing parent moves to try to get him to smile.

Eventually a cupcake brightened his spirits.

The DJ was great – I was pleasantly surprised that he played a lot of  “cool” songs (like from when I was in college!) and not just kid tunes. Each grade did a little performance to a special song led by their PE teacher, and the kindergartners were the chicken dance!

On Saturday morning I was up with the sun to go to my favorite gym class of the week – my own little dance party!

Brother snuggles before I left. B looks huge, but I think it’s mostly perspective!

I had my usual half banana and peanut butter plus coffee before class. And then more coffee and French toast after!

Thomas’s mom took Mazen out to see the new Lego movie and we relaxed at home for a while. Since I had such a late breakfast, I made Three Bears smoothies for lunch – baby, mama, papa. The small two I put in the fridge for later, and I drank the big one.

When Mazen was home, Matt picked him up and Eileen stayed with Birch so Thomas and I could run over to the UVA game!

It was my first (and maybe only) game of the season! It was a close one but the Hoos pulled it off.

Halftime snack!! I was starving from not having a “proper” lunch.

We got home to this snuggle boy rising from a long nap. We changed him out of his Saturday jammies and into a nice outfit to go out to dinner!

We met up with some friends at Maya for dinner. It seemed like everyone in Cville was out on the town!

Thomas couldn’t wait to dig in to our pimento cheese fritters!!

They are SO GOOD! With red pepper jelly.

For dinner I had crab cakes, collard greens, and cornbread with butter and honey.

Our sweet little baby decided to fill up his diaper right in the middle of dinner, and we had a total outfit blow-out up the back. There was no changing table in the bathroom, and I could only laugh my way through one of the most difficult diaper + whole outfit changes I’ve ever done! Needless to say we both needed a bath when we got home – eek!

After a good night’s sleep, Thomas put on his weekend hat and made this delicious breakfast.

We are obsessed with these biscuits from JM Stock. They come frozen, and 17 minutes at 375 degrees in the toaster oven have them perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside. I love that you can keep them frozen until you want to have them too – so convenient!

Does Birchie Boo look thrilled with his Kyte sleep sack? We have made some attempts to get from the Merlin suit to sack, and while he falls asleep just fine in the sack, he has yet to make it through more than one sleep cycle. It could just be coincidence because sometimes he wakes up after 34-45 minutes in the Merlin, so we need to keep trying. Sleep sacks are the end goal, and with 4 months on the horizon I’d love for him to be in them soon. I think he is close though!

Mazen and I went swimming at ACAC in the afternoon, and I fit in a workout beforehand.

Hope you guys enjoyed your F + S + SUN!

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