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Our Nutrition Client’s Favorite Healthy Snacks

If you follow me on Instagram stories or read through my daily eats posts, you know that I’m definitely a snacker! Whether it’s just a small bite pre-workout or a mid-afternoon snack while prepping dinner, I love a good snack. I generally like eating medium-to-large size meals with snacks in-between. This keeps me from getting hangry in between meals and then going overboard on my portions because I’m starving. This is what works for me, but everyone’s different. For clients on a CNC Macro Plan, we love the back-and-forth communication and experimentation to find the eating habits and lifestyle that best works for them.

As much as I love my snacks, it’s so easy for me to get into a major rut,. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas to keep my eats fun and exciting, so I asked the CNC Nutrition & Accountability Group for suggestions. I received SO MANY great ideas and had to share them on the blog. I am definitely planning a few of these into my meal plan next week, and I hope they give you some new ideas to try out as well!

  • Plantain chips with guacamole
  • Homemade snack boxes: Veggies, fruit, cheese, crackers, boiled egg, and turkey
  • All the bars: Perfect Bar, RXBAR, Health Warrior, No Cow Protein Bars
  • Rice cake combos:
    • Laughing cow cheese and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
    • Nut butter and cinnamon
    • Avocado and boiled eggs
    • Hummus and cucumbers
    • Mashed banana and PB2
    • Refried beans and bell pepper slices
  • Apple slices nuked with nut butter and cinnamon
  • Greek yogurt with Not-A-Million-Calories Granola and berries
  • Dark chocolate with walnuts
  • French Toast Scramble
  • Roasted broccoli with peanut sauce
  • Protein balls
  • Boiled eggs with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
  • Beef, turkey and salmon jerky
  • Popcorn with chocolate chips
  • Dates with peanut butter
  • Sliced strawberries with Chocolate Donut Seasoning
  • Health Warrior Protein Muffin
  • Hummus chicken salad
  • 3-Minute Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Deli roll-ups with honey mustard
  • Cottage cheese with grape tomatoes and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
  • Siete chips with guacamole and salsa
  • Steamed edamame

Question of the Day

What snacks are you loving lately? 

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10 Primal Date Ideas For Every Couple

I know we missed Valentine’s Day, but I’ve always said love cannot be contained. Besides: People are always going on dates. People are always searching for new ways to break out of the regular mold, which is completely understandable. Dates are try-outs. You’re spending time with another person to determine how they fit into your life. Unconventional dates that branch out from “dinner, movie, drinks” into more adventurous, creative realms provide excellent feedback for making that determination.

Dates are also a way for established couples to keep things fresh and exciting, to keep the relationship moving. There’s no better way than to try something new.

As it happens, most work for friends, too.

Now, some of these dates are silly or out-of-left field. Some are more serious. And one is a Primal Costanza date—what not to do. But regardless, they are all worth exploring. And—as always—I’d love to hear what you’d add.

1) Watch a Movie and Fill In the Dialogue

You know that scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are watching a drive-in movie without sound and filling in the dialogue themselves? Do the same thing, only make all the dialogue health and fitness-related. For example, The Empire Strikes Back would work great.

Just before Han is frozen in carbonite, Leia speaks. “I love cold therapy, so many benefits. I can send you the PubMed links.” Han replies. “I know.”

Vader gives Luke the bad news. “Luke, I am a vegan.” “Nooooooooo!”

Pick your favorite movie, and try it out yourselves. Drive-ins aren’t necessary (do they even still have those?); you could just put the T.V. on mute.

2) Couples’ Spa Day

A couple hundreds years ago, you didn’t really go to the doctor. You’d go to a spa. Spas were healing centers erected around natural springs of mineral-rich water. People would bathe in it (many were hot springs), drink it, and engage in other healthy pursuits. Many of today’s most popular bottled mineral waters come from springs that doubled as health spas back in earlier days.

The average person may think of a spa as a pleasure center, a superficial luxury. But getting a massage, soaking in hot mineral water, smearing yourself with mud and/or clay, exposing yourself to extreme temperatures in the sauna, steam room, and cold water pool? These are all objectively healthy and pleasurable experiences with measurable benefits.

Go for a hot soak, followed by a cold plunge. Do the mud bath thing. Get a deep tissue massage. Soak in the salty mineral-rich brine. And do it with your date, as your date.

3) Get Physical

No, not like that (necessarily). I’m talking about doing something physically demanding together, like a yoga session, a tough hike, a Tough Mudder, a Krav Maga class, or even a CrossFit workout.

Intense physical exertion—performed together—increases bonding. You’re sweating, you’re touching, you’re working hard toward a goal. You’re a team. Make it a little dangerous and the juices really flow. For the same reason, going to see a scary movie helps couples get closer.

4) Go Dancing or Take Dance Lessons

Dance is the prelude to closer, more intimate physical contact. And it’s incredibly healthy learning to move with cohesion and fluidity and precision through constantly varying ranges of motion. Dancers are some of the most athletic folks around—think b-boys, ballet dancers, practitioners of modern dance. I’m not a follower of the show, but seriously just look at an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” for plain evidence of their athleticism.

Go dance, or take dance lessons if you can’t dance yet. If the latter, don’t make this a one-off. Keep the lessons going. Build that skill together. Move together.

Dancing together in your living room to music on your smartphone is completely valid, too.

5) Cook the Farmer’s Market

This is a fun little date to try. Carrie and I used to do this at the Malibu farmer’s market every once in awhile.

Go to every stand, ask the farmer what’s best today, and then buy that item. If your market is huge, you don’t need to buy from every single stand. Try to stick to a dozen stands or so just to keep things manageable.

Be reasonable with the quantities. Otherwise it’ll add up fast. If, say, the farmer recommends the leeks, buy a couple leeks. If it’s cauliflower, buy a head. If it’s strawberries, buy a basket.

Go home and create a meal together using only the things you purchased from the market. Use things like oil/cooking fat, salt, pepper, and spices from home (unless you bought them at the market, in which case you get extra points). If your market doesn’t offer any meat, feel free to incorporate store-bought meat. But do your best to use only things from the market.

Prep and cook it together. There you go, that’s your date.

6) Ten-Mile Date

Walk ten miles, at least. It can be through the city, the suburbs, or the forest. You can stop at stores, cafes, museums along the way—it doesn’t have to be ten miles straight without stopping. But get those ten miles in however you can.

7) Roughhouse

Roughhousing is universal. It’s also great fun. You roughhouse. You wrestle, jostle, poke, prod, but you don’t (ever) hurt each other. You keep things light, engaged, dancing on the edge of intensity. I really like Rafe Kelley’s approach. Check out the one where he and his partner act like their wrists are glued together as they move around, roll, push, and pull. Or where they stand on a large log, clasp hands, and try to pull each other off balance. That stuff is really fun. I’d try any of the videos from that link.

Another is one-legged tug of war. You each stand on one leg, clasp the other’s hand, and attempt to pull the other off balance. If there’s a big weight or strength disparity, have the stronger person stay on one foot and the weaker person use both. Put pillows and other soft landing spaces around your perimeter.

If you’re a man and she’s a woman, there will probably be some strength disparities. Use your better judgement. Keep things fair and competitive and fun.

8) Picnic and a Hike

Think back to all the hikes you’ve done, all the wilderness areas you’ve explored. Were there any perfect picnic spots that jumped out at you? Maybe a dry pebbly shore next to a gurgling creek. Maybe a ring of redwoods. Maybe a grassy meadow. Maybe a beach that only locals know about. If nothing comes to mind, Google one.

Then pack a lunch and get moving.

9) Stand-Up Paddling

I’m extremely biased. Stand-up paddling is probably my favorite activity. It’s training, meditation, adventure, and a fantastic core and rear delt/lat workout all in one. I’ve seen dolphins, manatees, whales, and any number of marine life on my board. I’ve hit the flow state on my board. I’ve finally figured out meditation being on my board. I’ve woken up with some of the most intense DOMS after a long day on my board. My transverse abdominals and obliques have never been stronger. It’s an all-around great time—and it makes a great date. We’re no longer youngsters in love, but Carrie and I have had a lot of good times when I can get her out on a board.

Not everyone has access to a paddle-worthy body of water, although more than you’d think—rivers, lakes, and reservoirs all work with a paddle board, not just the ocean. If you can’t paddle, something similar like kayaking or even cross-country skiing will work well.

10) Lecture Your Date At Dinner

Make sure your date knows exactly how unhealthy everything he or she is putting in her mouth.

When he orders pasta, make a face.

When she fails to confirm that the salad dressing was made with extra virgin olive oil, pull the waiter aside and do it for her.

When he orders the fish, let him know the Monterey Bay rating.

If she gets anything deep-fried, tell her all about how restaurants reuse cooking oil, which (by the way) is most likely very high in unstable polyunsaturated fats.

This will ensure a second date.

That’s it for today, folks. If you try any of these date ideas, let me know how it goes. If you have any other ideas, write them in down below!

Take care.


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Feeding You Lies – Share The Truth About The Food Industry!

Last night I went down to my local Barnes & Noble to see Feeding You Lies on the shelves. It was surreal seeing years of research and the truth about the food industry smack dab on the New Releases table at the front of the store (see a live video below)… This information is now out … Read More

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DIY Burlap Cabinet Curtains

The Glass-Front Cabinet

If you go way back into the KERF archives, you’ll find a home improvement post I wrote about adding burlap to a glass-front cabinet to hide what was inside. That cabinet is actually the shorter matching cabinet to our upstairs one. Both are from Crate + Barrel circa 2007!

The upstairs, taller one has stored my bowl and entertaining dishes for years. Something about it always bothered me a little bit, and I think the problem was the mix of colors, shapes, and sizes of dishes inside. Plus the fact that no matter how many times I try to pare down my dishes, new ones always appear as gifts and I end up stacking more and more inside.

Thus, I decided to make some burlap curtains for this cabinet too!

The Burlap Install

Step one was buying some burlap. I bought a few yards from this online store. Luckily it’s super cheap, so it only cost me about $15 with shipping. I used a yardstick to measure the glass openings and then a sharpie to draw out where to cut. I’m glad that burlap is cheap and that I bought extra because I totally messed up the first try!

Because these go inside a cabinet that doesn’t get used a lot, I simply used double sided tape, just like I did with the cabinet downstairs that I burlapped in 2014. I’m happy to say that the shorter cabinet’s tape is just fine, so I’m hoping the new one will stand up to normal use too.

I carefully put tape on the cabinet and then smoothed on the fabric. Again since these are on the inside, the edges don’t have to be perfect.

That Clean Burlap Look

Once side two was done – ta-da! Project complete in less than 30 minutes.

I’m SO happy with the cleaner look. Thomas noticed as soon as he came home too! He’s a fan.

Burlap FTW. 

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