Saturday, March 9, 2019

Things I Bought On Amazon This Week

I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed by how much we order from Amazon. They just make it so darn easy! Shop, click, and whatever it is arrives on your doorstep in just a couple of days, if not the very next day. You can’t beat the convenience!

Last week was an especially hot week with regard to deliveries to our home. And, hopefully, you guys will get a kick out of this post and not flame me for the environmental impact. We honestly do our best with timing/bundling shipments and recycle everything we receive, so I hope that doesn’t become the main focus on this blog post. I really just wanted a share what we ordered. I’m nosey and like seeing what people order, so I hope you guys enjoy this look inside our Amazon Prime deliveries!

Question of the Day

What’s the last thing you ordered from Amazon? 

How often do you order from Amazon?

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High-5 for Friday

Hi, friends!

We had quite the nice Friday yesterday. I ended up documenting quite a bit of it for Instagram Stories, so I wanted to share the details over here on the blog. I’m curious: Do you follow me on Instagram Stories or just the blog? Let me know in the comment section because it’ll help me with content creation. I’m not sure if I’m repeating myself or if it’s all new to you? Or maybe you don’t mind seeing stories and what’s on the blog?

Our morning started bright and early with art projects. Quinn woke up and immediately asked me if he could paint and then asked me if I could get him a box. He was awake for like 3 minutes before he started asking for supplies. He definitely had something in mind!

Quinn ended up building a house with stairs (on the back)!

It was Pajama Day at school, and Quinn didn’t want to miss it. I had some loose ends to tie up, so he went to school as Buzz Lightyear for a few hours. He was psyched!

Just a few hours later, I picked him up from school. We headed to Goldfish for swim lessons and then we hit the library for new books and a little computer time. Quinn learned how to use a mouse!

We checked out a couple of new experiment books as well as a T-Rex book for Quinn. I got The Metabolism Reset Diet and Loving What Is, which were both books I heard about on podcasts recently.

After the library, we headed home and ate lunch. After lunch, I cleaned up the house while Quinn played with Kinetic Sand, which is definitely one of his favorite toys ever. If I need him occupied for a little bit, this is a go-to!

Mal skipped the gym and ended up coming home early, so we all headed out for happy hour and dinner at Rivershed. High-5 for Friday! FYI: My cameo top is actually from Amazon and cost just $21! It comes in other fun color combos too.

At Rivershed, we started with drinks. I went for a margarita!

Quinn wore his pajamas and new St. Patrick’s Day had from Goldfish to dinner! 🙂

We ordered some wings and played Go Fish, which is still a hot game in our house. We play just about everyday! 🙂

For my entree, I went with the salmon burger with crispy Brussels sprouts, which were incredible. I wonder if I can make them like this in my air fryer at home? I definitely want to try!

We’re off to the gym followed by a baby shower + a fun date night with friends tonight. Busy Saturday ahead!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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