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How to Get Abs, Bowflex Max Trainer & Changing Macros Based on Activity

Hey, hey! Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Here’s the most recent episode of Carrots ‘N’ Cake Instagram Live. If you missed the 24 hour replay, it’s shared below for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions that you’d like for me to answer in the next video, please let me know – either comment below or send me an email or DM on Instagram!



This week’s Instagram Live covers the following topics:

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Healthy Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a classic and a frequent sight at summer potlucks and luncheons. But the PUFA oils and high carb breads it usually comes with put a damper on what should be a good thing. Thankfully, this recipe offers a healthy re-do that satisfies a paleo, Primal, and keto standard—not to mention appetite.

Next time you cook up a chicken dinner, prepare a bit extra to put together this easy dish. It makes for a perfect workday lunch or fast weeknight meal.

Servings: 4

Time in the Kitchen: 20 minutes (not counting chicken cook time)



In a large bowl, combine cooked and shredded chicken with celery, Primal Kitchen Mayo, Primal Kitchen Spicy Brown Mustard, salt, and thyme. Toss until chicken is well coated.

Cover bowl and refrigerate until ready to eat.

Just before serving, toss with chopped pecans. Serve in butter lettuce cups.

Nutritional Info (per serving):

      • Calories: 485
      • Total Carbs: 2.2 grams (1 gram net carbs)
      • Protein: 52 grams
      • Fat: 31 grams

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Murphy’s 10th Birthday Celebration

Murphy had a great 10th birthday! I can’t believe our sweet pug is such an old man now. It happened so fast! I mean, look at his gray face. Oh my heart. Old pugs are my favorite.

10 year old senior pug with a gray face

Murphy’s birthday celebration kicked off with a ride in the car, which, of course, is always one of his favorite adventures. He barked out the window and lost his mind every time I turned on the car blinker all the way to downtown Hingham. He was so excited!!

Our first stop was Maggie’s Dog House for doggie cookies. Remember Murphy’s pug adventure to Maggie’s back in 2013? If not, you definitely need to watch the video. It’s super cute AND there’s a secret baby in my belly! 🙂 And now that “baby” is 5 years old! It happens so fast, doesn’t it?

Another Maggie’s Dog House story… back in 2016 when we took Murphy for his birthday, we learned (the hard way) the difference between dog cookies and toddler cookies. Oy. Poor Quinn. We felt terrible. Parents of the year!

Anyway, we were just too excited to wait to get home to eat Murphy’s birthday cookies, so he chowed one down right outside Maggie’s. Quinn picked out a butterfly and donut-shaped cookie for the pug.

After that, Quinn and I popped into the cafe next door for a Cookie Friday treat and iced coffee for me! 😉

Then, we hopped in the car for the second part of our birthday celebration – Bare Cove Park! Bare Cove is easily Murphy’s favorite park. I asked Quinn to snap a photo of us to commemorate our visit, and he nailed it. Haha!

Quinn, though, nailed this picture of the caterpillar he found! Our little photographer!

A ride in the car, dog cookies, and a trip to the park… it was an awesome birthday celebration for Murphy!

Question of the Day

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? 

Pugs live forever, right? Murphy told me he’s trying to beat the World Record, which is 27 years old for pugs!

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Papaya Chia Seed Jam

Triple Berry Honey Butter Recipe

This Triple Berry Honey Butter is the perfect summer-time topping for your morning toast!

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising and berry season is finally here. It doesn’t get much better than … Read more →

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