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Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant

I know some of you might be curious, so I wanted to share some information about my journey and why I became a Beautycounter consultant.

explaining why I became a Beautycounter consultant

I actually didn’t know anything about Beautycounter before hearing a few rumblings in the Paleo blogger community. It sounded like a great company with an awesome mission, but I didn’t think much about it until a follow blogger reached out about joining her team. She actually offered to send me some products with “no strings attached” because she believed so much in what Beautycounter had to offer. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I accepted. I mean, who doesn’t love free beauty products, right?

At the time, I really wasn’t looking for any sort of safer skincare. I avoided parabens because I knew they were bad, but only when it was convenient for me. I just wanted beauty products that I worked well and that I loved. Well, I immediately loved ALL of the products that were sent. They worked so well, and the fact that they were safe was a major bonus! I hear it all the time – people are always so shocked by how well Beautycounter’s products perform compared to other “natural” brands on the market. They even perform well compared to products you’d find at Sephora!

Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant

Falling in love with Beautycounter’s products and mission really made me want to become a consultant. Easy as that! And I learned that your story about how or why you discovered the brand is really important since you can share it with others all the time. It’s not really “selling” if you are just telling someone how much you genuinely love the products and what they stand for. If you sign up to be a consultant only to make money, you’ll have a tough time. People see right through that. But if you sign up because you love the products and the mission, the money will come.

I had a slow start as a consultant. I signed up, but then did nothing. I really just wanted a discount on the products. (You get 25% off as a consultant.) I barely sold any products, and I didn’t recruit a single team member. I was scared. I doubted myself so much. What did I know about beauty products? Or building a team? What would my friends and followers think of me “selling” to them? I was afraid of putting myself out there, so I pushed back and took no action. Looking back, I realized I wasted a lot of valuable time building my business.

Eventually, though, something clicked, and Beautycounter became more than *just* selling products. I worked through the fear and realized we ALL have it in us to do something great. Beautycounter is soooo much more than products and a paycheck (but that’s nice too). It’s connections, advocacy, working when you want to work, and carving your own path. And, most importantly, it’s an opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t give up on.

I felt somewhat lost when I first signed up as a consultant, so now I’m committed to growing and coaching an awesome team of women. I feel like I have a clear game plan and want to help newbie consultants. If you’re someone who is motivated and coachable, I hope you consider this opportunity. It’s amazing because you can work from anywhere at anytime! If you’re interested in learning more, drop me an email at I promise, this is an opportunity you don’t want to say no to! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading why I became a Beautycounter consultant!

Have some questions? Check out my Beautycounter Consultant FAQS!

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Primal+Keto Cooking Made Easy: Mark’s Big-Ass Omelette

Omelettes are a regular go-to for me. There’s no faster or easier way to whip up a healthy and filling meal than this. If I’m not eating a big-ass salad for lunch, you can bet it’s an omelette instead. Eggs offer a good dose of protein as well as plenty of essential minerals. Veggies, meat and a little cheese add their own nutrients and make for constant variety. It’s one of those Primal-keto staples I never get tired of. Let’s dig in.

Mark’s Big-Ass Omelette

Servings: 1

Time In the Kitchen: 15 minutes


  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/4 bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup chopped mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 1/3 cup chopped ham
  • 3 Tbsp. feta cheese


Heat butter in a skillet over medium heat.

Crack three eggs in a bowl and whisk until well combined. Set aside.

Add veggies to the skillet and saute for a few minutes until cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste, if you’d like, and stir the veggies well. Add any pre-cooked protein you’d like to use (we used diced ham in this version) and warm for 20-30 seconds.

Add whisked eggs to skillet. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes, scraping down the sides of the skillet with your spatula every now and then. Swirl the eggs around a bit with your spatula as the eggs start to cook on the bottom of the pan.

When the eggs are mostly set, sprinkle some cheese, if desired, on the eggs before folding the omelette over. Using your spatula, lift up one side of the eggs and very carefully flip that side over top of the other side.

Carefully slide the omelette out of the pan and onto a plate. Serve immediately with a side of bacon or sliced avocado if desired.

Nutritional Information:

  • Calories: 406
  • Carbs: 10.8 grams (9.8 net carbs)
  • Fat: 24.6 grams
  • Protein: 33.7 grams

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Prime x2

Happy Prime Day! How fitting that we went on a date night to Prime 109 this weekend. I didn’t realize the coincidence until I was brainstorming a title for my weekend post!

We are an Amazon lovin’ family and have a lot of the Amazon devices in our house that are probably on sale today! We use the Cloud Cam + Echo Spot for our baby monitor. (Echo Spot is buy 2 save $40 for PD!) Both our living room and master bedrooms are outfitted with Amazon’s Smart Plugs so we can say “Echo turn on lights” and the room lights up. And we both have Kindle Paperwhites and love them. (I have the new waterproof one that is awesome!) If you go to Whole Foods today, be sure to get this deal! Thomas got it for us over the weekend.

Favorite Primes

I searched my Amazon history and here are my favorite things I primed to my house this year:

  1. Yeti Camper Mug
  2. Fill-in-the-Blank Kids Thank You Cards for Mazen
  3. Beautiful Floral Packing Cubes
  4. Black + Gold Gym Bag for my soccer gear (with TWO water bottle pockets)
  5. Amodex Stain Remover – this stuff is magic!
  6. Linen Ring Sling for $39

Most boring thing I ordered? A million nursing pads. Also in my order history: a dozen pokemon cards (ordered on Mazen’s behalf), a whoopie cushion, and a lot of plastic bugs!

I love how Prime Day and the Nordstrom sale have turned this week into Black Friday in July. Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta are all having huge sales today too. I’m going to look for some clothes for the boys for fall!


Kickin’ off the weekend like…

Erica and I took Birch + Fern on a stroller run early Friday morning. Running first thing is always so hard for me (I’m sleepy, stiff, hungry, and thirsty for coffee) but it’s always the most rewarding time to run! Plus misty summer mornings are the best.


Spaghetti Party

Friday night we made spaghetti for Mazen – his favorite.

T and I watched the most recent Handmaids on Friday night. There were two really upsetting scenes. Ugh. This show is not easy to watch!


I decided to take the weekend off from the gym because I had two soccer nights followed by that run and my legs and foot were feeling pretty stiff. We played floor games instead, and Birch learned to crawl!

Mazen did this Paint A Turtle craft that Grammie sent (from Amazon!) He made a little house for him too. His name is Timmy!

B made a little house out of a box too!

I had a late breakfast of quiche and cherries –

And a Daily Harvest smoothie for lunch. Loved this flavor – acai and cherry.

Pool Escape

I escaped to the ACAC rooftop pool for a little bit in the afternoon. Thomas told me to go enjoy myself! I read my book and took a dip and even a little nap!

Date Night @ Prime 109

I haven’t worn this dress in 2 years! It’s Athleta and made of a summer-friendly material. It’s probably my favorite summer dress. Also: pockets.

We were so excited to have a sitter and spend some time on a date downtown. First stop was SkyBar for people watching!

Then we went to Prime 109, Cville’s newest upscale steakhouse.

We had sparkling wine (complements of our friend the manager!)

This was a “funnel cake” appetizer with crab, peanuts, herbs, and corn pudding.

Parker Rolls!! That salt crust…. 100!

We shared two steaks – one a sirloin and one a dry-aged bavette.

With sides of mashed potatoes and zucchini.

And lastly – this amazing sundae for dessert!

Full + happy + in love.


Sunday usuals: Thomas tending to the Big Green Egg and chores in the morning followed by a summery afternoon of swimming with the boys.

Thomas classic breakfast: eggs, biscuit from JM Stock, fruit salad.

We went to a friend’s pond for swimming. AKA everyone else swam (including Gus) while Birch and I sweated in the muggy July heat. Haha. I do not swim in murky water!

Nine hours later, Thomas made it! He finally achieved perfect smoked pork shoulder!

And we had yummy pork tacos to celebrate with homemade slaw, sharp cheddar, Greek yogurt, and sriracha.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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