Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How My Fitness Routine Has Evolved

If you’ve been here for any appreciable amount of time, you know how insane my fitness routine used to be.

I used to run 10-20 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY.

A “short ride” would be 100 miles. Uphill.

Rest days? I’d rest when I was physically unable to move.

It wasn’t even a fitness routine because it was counterproductive. It didn’t make me fitter in the holistic sense. I wasn’t even very strong, mobile, or explosive. I was “fit” only in a single domain.

And, sure, I could run and bike and swim long distances faster than most, but it ruined my health as well as took a toll on my family life, my social life, my ability to play and have fun, and my happiness.

These days all those other things are just as important as my ability to churn out physical work, lift heavy things, run sprints, and maintain vitality. Turns out that I don’t have to sacrifice the former to achieve the latter. I can have it all. How?

Well, I had to make some changes, and even today I’m still making them. A new locale has contributed to this evolution, as has a new adventure. (You’ll see me doing it in the video.)

These days I’m committed to a lifestyle that maintains my sharpness, strength and mobility—what will help me continue to live an active and awesome life in the years to come. That looks a bit different than it did fifteen years ago, and it’s more rewarding than ever. Check it out….

Let me know what you think—and what changes you’re making that bring you closer to the sweet spot of strength and well-being. Have a great week, everybody.


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Affordable Fall Fashion Finds from Amazon (Under $25) + Try-On Video

Hey guys!

I recently picked up some new pieces for fall from Amazon (they just make it so easy!), and it seemed like you guys really liked my fashion finds under $20, so I wanted to do another one. Similarly, everything I purchased this time was super affordable. I mean, who doesn’t like affordable Fall fashion finds from Amazon, right?

All of the tops mentioned below are within the $20 range and really good quality. I’d compare the quality to something you’d find at Target or Old Navy. As for sizing, I ordered xs or small in all of the pieces. If you watch the video below, you can see how each of them fit. FYI: My jeans are from Nordstrom and definitely one of my favorite pairs at just $64! I hope you enjoy the try-on video of affordable Fall fashion finds from Amazon below! 🙂



Fall Fashion Fins from Amazon

Inorin Wrap Waffle Loose Button Lightweight Pullover Top

I lovvveee this top! Definitely a keeper! Its pricing actually goes as low as $8 depending on what color you order. I went with dark green, so I paid $24 for it. I love the cowl neck with cute little buttons. It opens in the front and drops in the back, so it’d be cute with leggings as well as jeans. I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot. It’s basic but stylish at the same time!

Lavaca Long Sleeve Tunic Casual Slim Fit Top

Top #2 is super soft cotton and totally affordable! It has cute buttons on the side, and it’s a bit longer (tunic style) and a little baggy. You could totally wear it with leggings or jeans. It’s definitely cozy!

Levaca Long Sleeve Button Cowl Neck Top with Pockets

Top #3 is definitely a keeper! I’m totally obsessed with it. It has a cowl neck with buttons on the side and the pockets with buttons as well. It comes in a million different colors, but I picked this grey/oatmeal color. You can wear it with jeans or leggings, and, my gosh, it’s super cozy!


Aleumdr Cowl Neck Zip Long Sleeve Pullover

The next top is also a keeper! I really like this one. It’s a lightweight sweater material with a funky neck and side zipper. I’m a big fan of this one. It also comes in a million different colors.

Aleumdr Long Sleeve Hooded Pullover*

The next top is a great piece as well, big fan. It has buttons on the side of the heck as well as a hood with all sorts of stripes. It’s super cozy and definitely a piece I’d wear a ton!

*Scroll to the end of the color options for the hooded pullovers. 


Color Block Snap Button Stripe Ribbed Cardigan

The last piece is a stripy cardigan, which also came in million different color combinations. There was also a great mustard yellow cardigan that I thought would be super cute for fall. Just throw on over a t-shirt or a tank top. I’m a little on the fence about this one because I don’t need another cardigan, but I really like it.

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Hunger Is The Best Sauce

How often do you feel hungry?

3 times a day? Rarely? Never?

Do you always have an “emergency bar” in your purse? Do you eat every 3 hours so you’ll never get hungry? Many of us avoid feeling hungry at all costs, perhaps with the fear that we will overeat as a consequence. Maybe fearing hunger is a learned behavior from dieting, or maybe it’s a leftover instinct passed down from our ancestors who did not know when or how they would get their next meal. 

We should want to feel somewhat hungry

Hunger is not necessarily pleasant, but it’s something that I want to feel everyday, before each meal, because it makes each meal taste better. Many years ago, when I first set out to lose weight, I used to eat 3 meals plus 3-4 snacks a day, which basically kept me on a cycle of mild hunger and mild satiety all day long. Gradually I realized if I had a large breakfast that I didn’t think about food all morning. It was actually nice not to have to stop my day for a snack. So I started eating bigger breakfasts. I rarely need a snack between breakfast and lunch. And only sometimes need one to get me from lunch to dinner. Bigger meals are more fun to make and more fun to eat. When I’m actually hungry for a meal it tastes so much better. And feeling satisfied at the end of a meal is such a pleasant feeling! 

What is real hunger like?

When you are truly hungry, you know. Your stomach feels empty, maybe it growls, and you might feel low in energy. If you have to question it – you’re probably wanting food for other reasons. Sometimes the “hunger” is just my mouth needing a change in flavor. I’ve also learned that often my hunger is linked to my thirst. The old “have a glass of water and see how you feel trick” works on me well. One of my favorite quotes is “Hunger is the best sauce.” When your stomach is growling, everything sounds good. I’ve found when I’m only mildly hungry, only the sugary/salty/snacky foods sound good.

Ups + Downs

Like most things in life, the downs make the ups that much more appreciated. Busy work weeks make weekends extra nice. The ho-hums of life’s rhythms make vacations super fun. And a little hunger makes your meal taste extra delicious. Don’t be afraid of it!

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