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The Friday 5

Hi and happy Friday (the 13th)!

Do you have any fun holiday weekend plans? We’re busy with the usual December festivities – a holiday party, birthday party, and 24 Days of Togetherness. We actually picked “make holiday pancakes” yesterday, so we’re saving them for Sunday morning.

In today’s edition of the Friday 5, I’m sharing 5 things I’m loving lately including our fun evening at the Celebration for Kids event, a new cozy cardigan find, gingerbread Teechino, and more!

Have a wonderful weekend!

1. Celebration for Kids

The Celebration for Kids event last weekend was SO much fun! Mal and I had a blast at this event as it’s always spectacular year after year. I mean, the food alone is incredible! But everything else is executed so well. It was fun to dress up and go out on a date night with Mal (thanks for helping me choose my dress option!) while supporting a good cause. While I received two tickets for helping to promote the event on Instagram, this is definitely an event I’d go to if it weren’t sponsored. It definitely got us in the holiday spirit – oh what fun!

2. The Little Book of Game Changers: 50 Healthy Habits for Managing Stress & Anxiety

I received a copy of this book from the author who I met at an event years ago, and we’ve kept in touch. She’s an RD and has struggled with anxiety, so it is something we’ve connected with over the years – in addition to our love for food and nutrition!

If you’re into both nutrition and (managing) anxiety (as I am!), be sure to check out her book.

3. Gingerbread Teechino

You guys know I’ve been drinking iced Teechino every morning lately, instead of decaf coffee, and I recently discovered they have a gingerbread flavor for the holidays. Since I’m not really drinking too many fun Starbucks drinks this holiday season, it’s been nice to have a festive option I can make at home. I typically mix in some collagen and slash of eggnog, holy yum!

4. Kiwi Crates

I mentioned Kiwi crates several months ago, and they continue to be a favorite in our house. Quinn actually just received a “crystal salt tree,” which was perfect for the holidays. It was a really fun project to do together. If you’re looking for a gift for the special kid in your life, I highly recommend these boxes. They have ALL kinds for just about every interest!

Not familiar with Kiwi Crate? It’s an educational box subscription for kids. The goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and makers, and there’s a big focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), but KiwiCo offers all sorts of projects for every age and interest. Each box arrives with instructions and everything you need to make a different project every month. We lovvvvveee Kiwi Create in our house!!

If you use my referral link above, you’ll get 60% off your first crate!

5. “The Ninja Bread” Holiday Pajamas

The nice people at Shinesty sent a pair of these to Quinn. Festive green pajamas with gingerbread men – I mean, how cute! Quinn is loving these!

Bonus favorite: Sherpa-Lined Cozy Cardigan (seriously so cozy for cuddling up on snow days!)

Flashback Favorites

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P.S. If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to entered to win a copy of the Complete Clean Eating Cookbook. I’ll pick a winner on Monday! 🙂

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13 Holiday Desserts

Although our holiday menus revolve around the delicious meats and savory sides, there’s still a soft spot for many of us when it comes to holiday sweets. Whether it’s baking cookies this time of year or serving show-stopping desserts at our holiday tables, we might give a little more leeway for treats as part of the special occasion. Below we’ve got recipes for every taste and preference—from Primal to keto, chocolate to peppermint, candy to mousse, pie to cheesecake…and even a jarred Primal cookie mix for gift-giving. Enjoy, and let us know what treats you’ll be baking and sharing this holiday.

1. Hazelnut Chocolates

2. Primal (or Keto) Fudgy Brownies

3. Keto Peppermint Bark

4. Keto Coconut Cheesecake

5. Cranberry Orange Olive Oil Cake

6. Low Carb Mug Cake

7. Pumpkin Pie

8. Sweet Potato Pie

9. Sweet Potato Custard

10. Chocolate Collagen Pudding

11. Mexican Hot Chocolate

12. Keto Fridge Fudge

13. Pecan Sandie Cookie Mix In a Jar

Thanks for stopping in, everyone. What Primal or keto treats will you be serving this holiday? Let us know on the comment board.


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Changing Your Body Clock + Getting Up Early

I’ve recently started getting up earlier as I leave the “baby’s first year” fog. Here are some tips for changing your body clock for a more efficient morning.

{Cramer Photo}

My body clock has been set to about 6:30 for a really long time. For years Mazen woke up around 7, and I woke up just before him. At night, I head upstairs around 9:00 and lights out at 10:00, leaving a little time for reading first. For a long time I’ve wanted to be one of those humans who wakes up at 5:00am and has a few glorious hours to herself before the kids wake up, but I just didn’t have enough drive. Or rather, sleep was too much of a priority.

Birch Reset My Body Clock

Nothing changes until something changes, right? Birch’s sleep has been a little rocky for the past two months or so. While he goes to bed just fine and sleeps through the night, we’ve been dealing with some early morning wake ups in the 4-6am time frame. Usually one of us can get him back to sleep. (I’ve been researching early wakes to trouble shoot! Ear infections and colds have also contributed.) Those mornings when I’m up to comfort him in the 5:00 hour have left me wide awake. So instead of going back to sleep, a few times I have just gotten up.

Those quiet morning hours are divine!

Changing Your Body Clock

After a few weeks of getting up early with Birch and going to bed in the 9s instead of the 10s, my body clock began to shift. I’m also emerging from 2 years of pregnancy and new baby fog that had sleep as one of my top priorities. The toll pregnancy takes on your body followed by six months of being up every few hours has (twice) left me totally obsessed with sleep. While sleep is still a huge priority of mine (it comes before eating well and exercise in my hierarchy of needs), I’m feeling like lately I can get by on a little less. (But let’s be honest – I’m talking 8 hours instead of 9!) Days when I’ve gotten up with Birch at 5:15 or 5:30 and not gone back to sleep haven’t left me dragging or needing a nap. So instead of sleeping 10p-6a I’m heading more towards 9:30p-5:30a.

Thomas LOVES his morning time with coffee, and the days we have gotten up together have been so nice (even though we’re in different rooms and not talking much 😉 ) I’ll also say that my cozy fleece robe and furry slippers make for a nice transition out of bed. Having the gas fireplace on helps too.

A Better Use Of Time

On other thing that I realized: If we think of our days in chunks of time, the evening chunk is kind of a wash. I’m usually pretty tired after the kids are in bed, and I rarely work during those hours. Therefore, those hours are better spent sleeping, and an early bedtime makes sense. Sleep when you’re tired. In contrast, I wake up focused and energized and if I shift my sleep back and wake up early, those early hours of the day are way more productive than if I were sleeping.

All this to say –

I don’t know how long this will last :mrgreen: but I’m going to make an effort to get up and at ’em and see how it goes! What are your morning tips? How do you start your day?

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