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Salty Talk 002: SARS-CoV2 Part Two

Welcome to Salty Talk. This is a special edition of Healthy Rebellion Radio. Each week on Salty Talk Robb will do a deep dive into current health and performance news, mixed with an occasional Salty conversation with movers and shakers in the world of research, performance, health, and longevity. This first episode is on SARS-CoV-2.
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WARNING: These episodes may get “salty” with the occasional expletive.

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What to do When You’ve Hit a Weight Loss (or Other) Plateau

woman looking in mirror looking upsetTell me if this sounds familiar: You started making changes in your life to get healthier and everything was going great. You were seeing progress in the way you felt and looked, your cravings were down, and your energy was up. It was working!

Then, all of sudden it wasn’t.

Despite doing everything right, the scale hasn’t budged in a week, your motivation has hit an all-time low, and you feel totally betrayed by your body. As a health coach, I see a lot of my clients struggling with weight loss plateaus, and feelings that change isn’t happening fast enough. And do you know why? It’s because of this little nugget of truth:

Long-term change is a process.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix for a weight loss plateau. So, if you’ve been holding on to extra weight for years or you’re regularly feasting on fake health foods, don’t expect your habits or your weight to change overnight. It took you awhile to get where you are. And honestly, the faster your “transformation” happens, the faster you’ll undo all your progress.

But I get it. You’re putting in all this hard work, and if you’re still seeing zero or very few changes, just know that your body is a miraculous machine designed to keep you alive and protect you at all costs. When you change your environment, including the type and amount of fuel you consume, your body wants to make sure you’re safe. So, it’s normal to experience plateaus here and there.

Remember, change isn’t an instantaneous event—it takes commitment, patience, and the right strategies to stick with it for the long term. In fact, Australian researchers conducted a qualitative study, interviewing 76 people with a BMI of 30 or over to find out why their previous weight-loss attempts had failed.

In the study, participants received instructions on how to lose weight through various plans, but none were given guidance on how to stick with it. Seventy percent of the participants noted that while no particular diet was better than others for weight loss, tapping into their own motivation for change was the key factor in being successful for the long term.

With that in mind, here are the go-to tips I use in my own practice when my clients feel like they’ve stalled out on progress.

6 Things to do When You’ve Hit a Plateau

1. Remember Where You Started

Maybe you’ve made some progress, but you’re not as far along as you’d like. All you can hear yourself say is, “I can’t believe I’ve only lost 3 pounds,” or “my pants are only a little looser.” Don’t discount how far you’ve come. If you used to buy lunch every day and now you’re taking the time to prep a healthier meal at home, that’s huge. Take a step back and think about how things have changed since you started your journey. Also, have patience.

2. Remember Why You Started

Getting in touch with why you started can help put things into perspective. My Why-by-Five exercise is a tool I use with my health coaching clients to uncover their true motivating factors for change. Just ask yourself why this change is important to you, why that matters, why this reasoning is important, why your goal would be great to achieve, and why it’s important to keep going.

3. Keep a “Proof List”

When things aren’t going exactly as planned, it’s easy to feel like nothing’s working at all. That’s why having a proof list can help you navigate the highs and lows. Every day, write down something positive about your health journey. It could be that you tightened your belt buckle by one notch. Or the Big-Ass Salad you made was so satisfying you didn’t want cookies afterward. Keep a running list and add to it regularly.

4. Set an Intention Versus an Expectation

Expecting that you’ll lose a certain number of pounds or fit into an old pair of pants is the quickest way to disappointment. Instead, set a few healthy intentions. Good examples I’ve heard from my clients are: “I want to be a good role model for my kids,” or, “I am open to taking things one day at a time.” Expectations have a concrete result; intentions are more about your mindset and behavior.

5. Break it Down

Since your goals aren’t going to magically happen overnight, you need a system for making your new healthy habits stick for the long term. I recommend breaking your goal down into mini milestones. Avoiding refined carbs forever feels daunting, but what about avoiding them for this week? By creating mini milestones and then rewarding yourself for reaching them, you’re more apt to maintain your new habits and feel successful doing it.

6. Believe in Yourself

The simple act of believing in yourself plays a big role in achieving your goals faster. According to psychologist Albert Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Theory, if you don’t believe you have the ability to complete a task, you’ll be less likely to start. And if you do start, you’re more likely to give up before it’s finished. Self-efficacy is a sense of personal conviction that you can overcome any challenge you might face and successfully stay the course.

In a world of quick fixes, it’s normal to feel like your goals aren’t happening fast enough. Just know that change is a long-term process that requires commitment, patience, and smart strategies like these:

  • Remember where you started
  • Remember why you started
  • Keep a “proof list”
  • Set an intention versus an expectation
  • Break it down
  • Believe in yourself

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Home Workout Ideas

While I love my group exercise classes, sometimes the gym isn’t in the cards (um, like now!) If you struggle with finding motivation to workout at home, I’m sharing home workout ideas and 5 ways I am making the best of it.

I’m 100% back to home workouts

Before the virus rocked our world, I was back at the gym regularly and not needing home workouts as much as I used to – but things sure changed quickly! My gym is now 100% closed (as it should be). So, it’s back to home workouts indefinitely. Luckily I got in a groove over my maternity leave and have some go-tos to fall back on.

All or nothing mindset does no good

Pandemics aside, working out at home can be a one of the most efficient ways to fit in fitness. No travel involved. What I struggle with the most is an “all or nothing” mindset – thinking if I don’t get in an intense sweaty cardio sesh for a solid 45 minutes, it doesn’t count. In order to change my mindset, I created a short list of mindset tips to help motivate me make the most out of working out at home. If you’re feeling antsy the next few weeks as we hunker down at home (bonus: exercise is an immune booster), I hope this post will motivate you to get moving in and around your home – with what you have on hand!

5 home workout ideas that help motivate me to get moving:

1) You don’t have to do it all at once

My daily goal is to close the green exercise ring on my Apple Watch by moving my body for 30 minutes. And while I prefer to get it done all in one go, I have to remind myself that it’s okay if it’s broken up throughout my day. I can just go into my mudroom and pick up my 15 lb. dumbbells for a few reps. Later, I can do some air squats in the living room while I’m playing with the boys. The best part – I don’t even need to be wearing a sports bra for this! (Although if I wear one all day I’m more likely to get activity in!)

2) One set of dumbbells will get you far

Bodyweight workouts will get you far. Just hold a plank for 2 minutes or do 100 jumping squats and you’ll be asking for a break. But a single heavy kettlebell or set of medium to heavy dumbbells can really help keep your strength during this time. I bought a set of 15 lb dumbbells on maternity leave and they are challenging for both upper and lower body.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how many rounds you can do of the following:

  • 20 jumping squats (optional: add dumbbells)
  • 15 alternating lunges (optional: add dumbbells)
  • 10 bicep curls
  • 10 shoulder presses
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 pushups
  • 1 minute plank
  • r e p e a t

3) Turn down the volume (utilize audio workouts)

If you can’t crank the volume or jump around because you have a sleeping baby or you’re in an apartment, put in Airpods and listen to a workout. Workout resources like Aaptiv, Yoga Download, and Dave Farmar (yoga podcasts) that you can do sans screens.

4) Your home is bigger than you think

All it takes is me carrying laundry (or Birch!) up the two flight of stairs from our basement to our top floor bedroom to realize how good stairs are for stealing my breath. Wherever you live – house, condo, city apartment – you probably have more to use than you realize. Utilize stairs, chairs, coffee tables, you name it. You can do walking lunges down a hallway, run up and down the stairs inside your house or back deck, do weighted step-ups with a sturdy chair, and do overhead squats with a full water bottle. If you are lucky to have a yard, use that too. Mazen asked me the other day if I thought I could beat him in a foot race (“I think I will win” I said!) and we found ourselves sprinting through the alley behind our house.

5) There are some great video workouts out there!

There are endless workout programs available and the great thing is that SO many of them are absolutely free. While there are some great ones that are paid, I think the free ones are 99% as good. I did this 30-Minute Calorie-Torching HIIT Workout with Weights via PopSugar the other day, and it left me red in the face and sweaty (as evidenced by these photos). My sister has a list of her favorite PopSugar workouts on her blog – check them out here. The Tone It Up app is also a fun place to start, and I believe they made their paid section free this month.

I am grateful to have a treadmill at home as well and am trying to alternate between TV, outdoor, and treadmill workouts as the weather and time allows.

More Fitness + Home Workout Inspiration:

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