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Sleep your way to optimal performance in just 7 days

Written by: Dr. Kirk Parsley It’s likely you have a copy of Robb’s Paleo Quick Start guide on your computer from your early days of following his blog and recommendations. Written for those unclear on what it means to be “Paleo,” it’s two fast and furious pages—simple and blatant and very Robb Wolf. A download… Continue Reading

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Delicious Healthy Fr

Delicious Healthy Fruit Shakes... can hardly wait until fresh fruit is in season around here :) via Juicing Recipes

True Food Kitchen "K

True Food Kitchen "Kale-Aid" via Healthy Juice Recipes

true food kitchen's

true food kitchen's natural juices... yummm via Healthy Juice Recipes

5 Healthy Ways to Pump Up the Fresh Pumpkin

This season, use a little elbow grease to break down fresh, in-season pumpkin so you can use it in some of fall's finest good-for-you recipes.

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Forge Pond Park & The Juice Barn

IMG_8916-960x960.jpgHi, friends! Just popping in to share some photos from our morning… well, our second morning of the day. Quinn first woke up at 3:00 AM and would not go back to sleep. Mal and I tried everything to calm him down with no luck. I finally ended up taking him for a drive at […]

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Power up with Popeye

Power up with Popeye Power juice! It's simple, delicious, and FULL of nutrients! via Juicing Recipes

This Is Disturbing, Whether You Eat Fast Food Or Not.

As you may know, I have been working with several consumer interest, public health, and environmental organizations for the last year, and also launched a nationwide petition, asking that Subway enact an antibiotic-use policy that prohibits the routine use of antibiotics … Continued

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Top 7 Emerging Paleo Trends

Things are changing. You can throw a stone in any direction and hit either a CrossFit gym, a Whole Foods, or (on Sundays) a farmer’s market. People have actually heard of paleo and most places have a decent salad on the menu. Going Primal isn’t so strange or alienating anymore. Now that the status quo is […]

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Budget-Friendly Shopping: Bulk vs. Packaged Grains

Investigating the differences in pricing between bulk and packaged whole grains.

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Exploring Charleston – Part II

Foodblog (58 of 83)This post is sponsored by Hyatt Place {Part I here!} Saturday started out with sunshine, but we knew rain was on the way, so we tried to do most of our walking in the morning. We walked about 2 miles down to the waterfront and back. After showers and getting dressed for the day, the […]

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Black Forest Smoothi

Black Forest Smoothie -- naturally sweet and loaded with antioxidants. You'd never believe it's super healthy! || runningwithspoons... #vegan #healthy via Healthy Juice Recipes

I Ran the Tufts 10K for Women

IMG_8840-768x1024.jpgHi, guys! I ran the Tufts 10K for Women on Monday (Columbus Day) and had so much fun! What an awesome race! I haven’t run the Tufts 10K since 2003 (we’re usually in Newport on race day), but it’s a race that I always recommend to local runners, especially newbies, because it was one of […]

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The Struggle Is Real…

They say when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade – but what if you don’t have sugar or water?? And what if life isn’t ‘giving’ you lemons but it’s shooting them at you with a freaking potato gun? There you are bruised and thirsty. So you just pick up a damn lemon and… Continue Reading

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