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foodiebliss: Italia

foodiebliss: Italian ZabaglioneSource: Sugar And Charm Where food lovers unite. via Healthy Juice Recipes

Cucumber Ginger Gree

Cucumber Ginger Green Smoothie - a fresh and soothing vegan and dairy free recipe | via Healthy Juice Recipes

41 High-Intensity Workouts for the New Year

41 High-Intensity Workouts to try in 2016Good morning! It’s that time of year again when we’re inspired and excited to get fit. But doing the same workout day after day gets old real quick and it definitely won’t help you stick to your goals for the new year. An easy way to get motivated? Try one of the workouts below to keep you out of an exercise […]

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Know Your Apple [Inf

Know Your Apple [Infographic] via Healthy Juice Recipes


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Ease Your Joints wit

Ease Your Joints with this Carrot & Turmeric Smoothie | Reboot With Joe via Healthy Juice Recipes

Diary of a Fit Mommy

Diary of a Fit Mommy: Cleanse Your WHOLE Body With These Five Smoothies! via Juicing Recipes

My Go-To Salad After Heavy Eating & Big Meals!

After heavy eating or big meals, I like making a big batch of this lentil detox salad. When I posted the ingredients to this salad on Instagram the feedback was incredible! So many of you made it and loved it. Now, I’ve … Continued

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Tips for Eating More Plant-Powered Meals

edamame-stir-fry_thumb.jpgHi CNC peeps! I’m Chantelle, a certified health and lifestyle coach at Elemetta. As an old school CNC reader, I’m thrilled to write this guest post! Tina asked me to share some tips about veggie protein since she’s experimenting with eating more plant-powered meals. I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years and help people create healthy […]

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Dear Mark: Easy Prebiotic Foods, NSAIDs and the Gut Bacteria, Plus Some Hydration Questions

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering a bunch of questions from readers drawn from the comment sections. First, is there a better, whole foods-based alternative to prebiotic powders, meals, and flours? Turns out there are many, and I give a few of my favorites. Next, what’s the deal with NSAIDs and the gut? […]

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Can Beer Be a Part of a Healthy Diet?

Frosty craft beers are hotter than ever, but can brewskis be part of a healthy diet?

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Tropical Kale Salad

Tropical Kale SaladWho says all holiday dishes have to be heavy and fattening? After indulging in holiday goodies, my taste buds always start craving something light and healthy! Making a recipe that captures seasonal tastes while still being nutrient dense is right up my alley. Enter Tropical Kale Salad, full of oranges, pomegranate, chickpeas and macadamia! Aromatic, sweet, and quenching, […]

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