Sunday, May 15, 2016

High Low High 8

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I can’t believe I haven’t written a High Low High post since January, so I figured it was about time for another. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, I recap the high and low points of the weekend. If you’d like to play along, please leave a comment with your “high low high” from the weekend. Ok, here we go!

HIGH: Getting out of the house! Woohoo! Haha! Mal was busy/away the last 3 weekends, including this one, so I asked our babysitter come for a couple of hours on Friday night, so I could get a mani-pedi with my friend Marisa.

nail polish

LOW: Calling 3 different places before we were able to make ourselves an appointment. Apparently, Fridays are a happening night at nail salons!

HIGH: Having a brand new pedicure and breaking out my flip-flops. From now until mid-September, I’ll likely only wear flip-flops (and sneakers) on my feet. Yesssss!

IMG_7403 (1280x1280)

LOW: Quinn waking up really upset on Friday night. I have no idea what happened (maybe a nightmare?), but he woke up screaming and it took me 1.5 hours to calm him down and get him back to sleep.

HIGH: Quinn sleeping until 6:30 AM the next morning. I was really thankful since I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight.

LOW: Sitting in Saturday morning traffic on 93. (HOW?! WHYYYYY??! Ugh, 93 makes me mental.)

HIGH: Babies and Bagels. Mal was away for a bachelor weekend, so the ladies of the guys on the trip got together for a play date. It was so fun and the bagels/muffins/breakfast sandwiches were incredible!

IMG_7358 (900x1067)

LOW: Quinn had a blast at Babies and Bagels, but sleeping on the drive home messed up his afternoon nap.

IMG_7364 (900x900)

HIGH: Somehow, though, he managed to rally and we had a great afternoon together. (Usually, if he doesn’t get a substantial nap, he’s a total crank monster.) We went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s (Q-Man’s favorite – he loves the free samples) and then played at a nearby playground for a couple of hours.

IMG_7394 (720x1280)
Photo via @carrotsnake on Snapchat

LOW (I think): Watching Fuller House. Even though it was super cheesy, I actually liked the first episode. But, by the third episode, I was kind of over it. I really liked Full House back in the day, so I may give it another try. There’s just something about the characters that keeps me hooked!

IMG_7366 (1280x1280)

HIGH: Sunday morning pancakes followed by a play date, which included a Marylou’s White Chocolate Chip iced coffee.

IMG_7381 (1280x1280)

LOW: Having a super full bladder after drinking my iced coffee. There wasn’t anywhere to go the bathroom, and I didn’t want to end our play date, so I was a tad uncomfortable at the playground. Ha!

IMG_7406 (1280x1280)

HIGH: Making homemade pizza with Quinn. We wanted to welcome Dada home with a tasty dinner, so we tried a new Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix and it turned out really well!

IMG_7400 (1280x1280)

Question of the Day

Your turn! Share your High Low High from your weekend! 

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