Monday, May 9, 2016


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^^Morning snugglefest!! 

Mazen and I shared lots of love on Mother’s Day weekend! We started with The Land Before Time movie. I couldn’t take it when the mom died. We held hands while we watched though, so that was nice :)

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And then on Friday night I watched the movie Room. I read the book a few years ago (I think when I was pregnant?) and just recently found out there was a movie too. HEART-WRENCHING story!! There are many themes, but I think the biggest is the bond between mother and child, so it was a good one to watch this weekend.

M and I played lots of Lego:

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Which most often meant that I was putting things back together when he broke them apart! A true test of mom’s brain power 😉

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I made these panko tofu sticks for dinner on Friday – recipe to come!!!

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I thought they were fabulous, and he thought they were so-so. I was just happy that he tried them!

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On Saturday morning I went to athletic conditioning and did a bunch of chores around the house. Plus, I spent a few hours working in the afternoon. A glass of wine made that extra nice!

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On Sunday morning we had our soccer playoffs at 9am, so I was up early, drinking coffee and eating toast before heading to the field. We won 8-1 (our biggest win of the season!) and I scored a goal too. Exciting stuff!

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I ate a huge quesadilla to refuel before my afternoon women’s game.

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My women’s game was a tie (4:4) but I scored TWO goals in that one! Three goals in one day is definitely my all-time record!!

I went straight from the game downtown to meet up with my main squeeze!!

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We were at Skybar for a Mother’s Day event and had some yummy Caribbean food and wine with other families.

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M surprised me by requesting two pieces of kale!!!!

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And he loved smashing the balloons!

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I love him!!

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I hope you all had wonderful weekends too!

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