Friday, June 10, 2016

Palms & Pool Politics

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Hey hey hey! We are so thankful for this amazing weather. It’s been 82 degrees with perfect blue skies since that storm passed through.

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I finally finished that puzzle, which is good because I wanted to be outside!

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We had pancakes with raspberry jam for breakfast. This combo tasted kind of like a jelly doughnut!

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Miniature teenage Mazen found a boogie board in our garage and has made lots of friends on the beach!

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He worked up an appetite for a snack:

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I’ve been eating random things for lunches, and this was a mix of 1/4 of Mazen’s grilled cheese, red peppers for a vegetable, chips and nectarine.

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I did fit in a run and several beach walks, too!

For dinner we had delicious local shrimp, seared salmon and a vegetable risotto.

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Larbs made ice cream sandwiches for dessert!

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We’ve been spending our mornings at the beach and our afternoons at the Shoal’s Club pool.

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Mr. Social has made lots of friends in the wading pool, and it’s been fun to watch the kid politics unfold. Mazen served up “cupcakes” to many of the kids and then told a new girl he was out of cupcake mix and so she couldn’t have one. I told him to go to the store for more!

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We dressed up for dinner at the Shoal’s Club in our “out to dinner shirt.”

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I took some pregnancy photos of Larbs and Matt that were the same backdrop as their wedding since they were married here.

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We while the big camera was out, we posed for a few family photos as well!

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Dinner at the Shoal’s Club’s restaurant Aqua was wonderful. We sat outside and enjoyed some Chardonnay, a crab and kale salad to share and coconut-crusted lobster over vanilla risotto.

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There was also some great live music from Justin Cody Fox, who played all my favorite songs! Everything from Chicken Fried to Oasis.

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We came home for ice cream and sprinkles for dessert!

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Have a great weekend you guys!

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