Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Out The Door

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Remember when he first smiled? First laughed? First crawled? First walked? First talked?

The firsts are continuing. This morning I went to wake Mazen up. I laid out his clothes and went to make pancakes for breakfast (his request from the night before!)

He stumbled into the kitchen in his jammies, gave me a hug, and then ran back to his room. I heard him go to the bathroom, and wash his hands all by himself.

Then five minutes later he came out all dressed in his outfit for the day. He had even put his jammies in the dirty clothes hamper himself.

Won’t be long till the bed is made too! (Kidding…. that will never happen, I am sure).

We had pancakes and fruit together for breakfast –

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Mid-morning I went to get my stitches out from my mole removal.

I have good news and bad news from the pathology report. The good news is there wasn’t skin cancer present. But the bad news is there was “moderate to severe cytologic atypia” aka abnormal cells. Enough that they want to go back in an take more of the edges!! Ugh – I have to do this all again next week with more stitches. Another time of year and it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but it’s been quite annoying to have a big cut and flopping bandaid on my leg in the midst of swimming and shorts season. I am thankful the diagnosis wasn’t worse though, and hoping this second procedure is the end of it. Wear sunscreen friends!

Lunch was a No Bull Burger with avocado and cheese on a Virginia roll from Great Harvest.

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Hoping to play pick-up soccer this evening!

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