Monday, July 25, 2016

Tune In To The Blue Station

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Hey hey hey! On Friday night I went out with friends to the Tavola Bar for a surprise party. It was so dark I couldn’t really get any good pics, but we had mussels, crab legs, fried artichoke, and burrata cheese! And, probably the best service I’ve ever had in this town.

On Saturday Mazey and I played in his wading pool on the patio for a few hours. I can’t say how great it was to have a flat spot for the pool this year! He spent more time spraying the hose than he did swimming, but it was refreshing to get sprayed on a 100-degree day : )

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That night I took M over to his friend Lucas’s house, where they shared a babysitter and had a sleepover. M has been begging me to go back to Lucas’s since their first sleepover, so this was a total win-win!

Meanwhile, all my friends gathered at the Struckmanns’ for an epic summer pool party. It was jointly hosted by Matt as a celebration of his career transition from bread to beer. I think there must have been over 100 people there at one point!

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The first part of the party was pool-focused. I sipped on this sparkling watermelon mint mixer, spiked with rose wine!

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Our friend Lynsie made the BEST pulled-pork shoulder for dinner, which we had on Great Harvest rolls along with slaw, watermelon, and other snacky sides like chips and salsa.

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Oh, and there was beer 😉

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I took a quick post-chlorine shower, and we prepared for a night of dancing!

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The silent disco made an encore! We rented the equipment for my birthday last fall, and it was so much fun we had to do it again! If you guessed that I’m playing the air violin while listening to Celine Dion’s “To Love You More”, then you are right ; )

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The Kath’s Favorites playlist made another appearance. I promise it wasn’t all Celine, but I threw in two of her hits just to keep people on their toes. I think “Semi-Charmed Life” was the highlight of my station when the most people’s ears turned blue!

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Yes, we are still friends : )

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My dancing partners for the night!

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My drink of choice for the evening was this 0%-alcohol water. It was SO HOT and we danced SO HARD that hydration was a top priority. I didn’t have a drop of alcohol past 8pm! This made for a great night’s sleep, which was very much noted and appreciated.

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I drove over to Gaby’s on Sunday morning to join the sleepover crew for a pancake breakfast! The boys  are so cute together. I forgot to snap a picture!

Mazey and I spent the morning blasting the Imperial March from Star Wars, playing E.T. games, and doing puzzles. He is so much fun these days!

He joined Matt for some pool time that afternoon, and I went to Brookville for its 6th birthday party and crab boil!

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All-you-can-eat crabs!!!

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I demolished 8 of them, I think. At 3:00 p.m. this was lunch and dinner in one. Such a treat to have fresh crabs away from the shore.

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Included in the ticket price were two drinks (beer or wine – I had the CrosĂ©!).

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A few accompaniments…

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And a slice of this epic birthday cake!

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The End.

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