Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beach Ready // Back To School

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I love sharing some of my recent purchases and finds with you guys. Sometimes I go to my Amazon orders page just to remember what I bought! Unfortunately for my budget it was a busy month as we are gearing up for the beach, and back to school in our house!

This beach umbrella is going to ROCK!! So much better than the 10 year old twisted one I recycled on Bald Head back in June. Can’t wait to try this one out! You have three options – stake to the ground, tie to the ground or bury upright.

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I also bought this raft for using at Sarah’s pool a month ago. It’s the best because you sit in the water to keep cool but still get to float!

I’ve also been on the hunt for swimsuits on sale in preparation for our beach trip. I bought this Banded Hottie Halter at Victoria’s Secret along with several bottoms on clearance for $15. I hope they fit and my back side is not revealed too much! Not sure I can get on board with the cheeky look. Lastly, I ordered one of these slip dresses for sleeping. Love all the cute phrases!

And these Toms are new to our family! Mazen is going to be styling for Back to School : ) For me, well, my friend has these Toms flats, and I tried them on at her house, and they are super comfortable. I almost bought them but since I got these wedges on sale recently, my Toms budget was maxed out! Love Toms!

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Gina is a Beauty Counter consultant and sent me a sample set to try out. I have heard really good things about the company, so I can’t wait to use these! I love that they are mostly plant based as you can see on the tubes below. Gotta try extend the summer glow ; )

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I bought these two books for Mazen to work on his letters. He starts pre-K in a few weeks, and letters are big this year. He’s getting good at tracing.

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Plan of action: soak up all the humidity, and warm salty breezes I can at the beach and then return to crisp fall air in September. Mazen’s birthday (September 7) always signifies the end of summer for me. I remember when I went to the hospital it was 90+ degrees and summer, and the day I brought him home the first days of fall had arrived. Bring on the pumpkin spice!

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