Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Late Summer Lately

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I cannot believe that summer is almost over. When I picked Mazen up from camp last week one of the counselors asked me if he’d be returning. “Oh yeah, I think he has like three or four more weeks” I said. Her response: “Well there are only two weeks left!” Geeeeeez. We have one more beach trip in a few weeks, so summer is definitely not over!!

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Another reason summer is not over: there is a lot more delicious produce to eat!  Lately blueberries have been off the hook. Side note: I bought some English muffins from Whole Foods for a different kind of bread for fun. They were just so bran-y. I replenished with freshly-baked Great Harvest the next week.

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Smoothie season is still in full force!

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Leftover spaghetti for lunch with extra kale and cheese on top.

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And, a salad with smoked salmon, hearts of palm, manchego, chips, and baby spinach. Olive oil and honey for dressing.

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Salad with leftover veggies, marinated mahi mahi, manchego, and delicious summer cherries.

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Look at this happy face on pizza night!

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We made this one together as part of Operation Cook Together More. Notice how he pushed the veggies to the side so he could “make room for my pepperoni section.” Boy loves pepperoni!

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Mexican bowl night was rice, pinto beans, peppers, hot sauce, cheese, Cholula, and real sour cream.

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And finally, Cook Smarts Tandoori Chicken was soooo good! I loved the cucumber and tomato salad on the side too.

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Hope you’re all having a good week!

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