Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Farewell Summer, Hello Four

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Guess who turns four years old today!?!?!?!? And yesterday I walked him into his preK classroom. Sniff, sniff. It’s been a big week! Mazen is not a little tot anymore, and he literally gets bigger every day!

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We had a really busy summer. Mazen traveled to Bald Head Island, San Diego, Hillsborough, South Carolina, the Outer Banks, and attended three different camps. This last final week of summer I didn’t schedule a thing. Matt and I just wanted to spend as much time doing fun activities as we could before school started. And boy did we pack them in!

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Chobani sent us a care package full of yogurts to fuel us up for this final week of summer.


We eat a LOT of yogurt in our house – from the cup, squeezed out, in smoothies, to cool off oatmeal, or as popsicles. Chobani products are made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, and have no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or flavors. The Kids products are made with real fruit and have less than 10 grams of sugar per serving (6 grams in the tubes and 10 grams in the pouches). Mazen and I both loved them! 

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Here were some of our adventures!

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Oatmeal for breakfast cooled down with a splash of drinkable yogurt!

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One day for lunch we had guacamole made with some plain Greek Chobani. Last crunch of summer!


We paid a visit to Bounce Play-n-Create on a particularly warm afternoon.



And then we got a much-needed back-to-school haircut!!



After that, soccer shopping! He is SO pumped for his new cleats and shinguards!


We got sweaty with some soccer practice…(although some of us took a lot of rests by sitting on the ball!)


And then refueled and cooled off with popsicles.


Matt took him to the park, and swimming at Sylvia’s house. I sent a box of yogurts with them!

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We went to the park several times during the week.

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We packed a picnic to enjoy with friends while we were there.

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Grown-up smoothie snacks : )

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Later that day we made a fort and had popsicles for a snack. I’ve been freezing the yogurt tubes as popsicles for ages, and I love that he still thinks they are a treat (probably because they do taste like ice cream!) Let me pause to say that Mazen was THRILLED with the superheroes on the packaging. I’ve never seen him think a food was more cool than when he was naming all the guys on the tubes and picking out his favorite. Batman for the win!

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Breakfast before preschool orientation was a key lime parfait:

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Mixed with peaches and Cville Cluster Granola.

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After breakfast, we biked to school to meet his teachers! This is his third year at our local school, and I feel like he’s a senior in high school because he knows all the ropes : )

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Let’s do this!!

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Thanks to Chobani for keeping us fueled with yummy yogurt and sponsoring this post!

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