Monday, September 12, 2016

Mazen’s Party Weekend

Four years, four birthdays!

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We had Mazen’s birthday party this Saturday afternoon. Friday night Grammie and Pea came to town, and we went to Random Row Brewing (where Matt will be working) for the soft opening for friends and family.

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Snuggle boy!

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The space is beautiful with lots of modern touches and warm wood. (Kombucha for kids!)

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The beers were good too! I liked the dunkel the best. Check out the wooden taster holders!

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On Saturday morning I went for a 3 mile run/walk, and then after breakfast Dad and I went to the Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival!

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We had fun exploring and tasting around, and had a nice lunch in the press tent.

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Thanks to Monticello for hosting me!

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When we got home it was party time!!

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We did a simple friends party for Mazen this year with a light soccer theme. My mom organized a treasure hunt that was a huge hit! The kids loved combing the yard for trinkets.

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After the hunt it was cake time! As usual we ordered a cookie dough cake from Sweet Haus : )

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Happy birth-day to you!!!

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The rest of the party was spent sweating in the late-summer heat!

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And trying to squeeze in a few portraits. This part did not go so well!

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By the time we got to KK he was done!

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But we moms are always ready for a picture!

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KK and Mazen are working on his Halloween costume together – a ghost! Mazen is so glad she’s here for a week!

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For dinner that night we were all too tired to go out, so we ordered Zoe’s Kitchen. A big family-style meal is only $40 (for 4-6 people) and comes with kebobs, a big salad, two sides, hummus, and pita bread.

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We thought this meal was so good! And it tasted as fresh as if we had prepared it ourselves.

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Mazen has had a great time having his grandparents here to celebrate!!

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