Friday, October 28, 2016

26+8 Birthday Recap


Hey guys!! I had such a wonderful 34th birthday. The day went by so fast! Mazen told me the night before that when he woke up in the morning he was going to run up to my bed and sing to me. Well, the next morning I noticed him squirming around on the monitor and finally said through the monitor speaker “Mazennnnn it’s moooorrrnnning.” He immediately jumped out of bed and raced upstairs to snuggle. The sweetest way to wake up!

After dropping M off at school, I went to the gym for a strength class. Gotta make myself feel youthful ; )

After a quick shower turnaround, I met my friend Emily at Lampo for a birthday lunch!!


We had wine (!!), kale salad, and this special mushroom, garlic, arugula, lemony pizza. Thank you Emily!




I raced back to the preschool to pick up Mazen, and we went straight to Sweet Haus for cupcakes!!

Funfetti for me. Salted Caramel for him. Cookie Dough to share. Sprinkles for all!


He sang happy birthday to me on the spot. It was so sweet.


Mazen spent the evening with Matt, so I had a little free time to paint my nails and watch Survivor before heading out to dinner. My friends made me feel so loved <3


A while back Pippin Hill Farm asked if I’d like to write about one of their cooking classes. There just happened to be one on 10.26, so it seemed like the perfect way to spend my birthday! (Like my new jacket!? It was a bday gift!)


Gorgeous fall sunset!



The class focused on Chesapeake Bay seafood, specifically crabs and oysters.


Chef Bill Scatena demo-ed a Virginia Oyster Stew and Reah’s Crab Cakes recipes plus a Celery Root Remoulade.


It was fun to be in the kitchen with the chefs and watch the pros in action.


And of course to be relaxing with some Pippin Hill Chardonnay!


I learned lots of little tips, like making crab cakes well in advance so the breadcrumbs have time to absorb the liquid before forming into patties.


After the demo we sat down to enjoy the meal. First the oyster stew, which was garnished with a buttery piece of Rockfish.


And then a buffet featuring the crab cakes alongside the celery root remoulade, fried green tomatoes, seasoned fries, salad, and crab legs!

foodblog-15-of-16 foodblog-14-of-16 foodblog-13-of-16

Everything was so delicious!!


The next class is on Wednesday, Nov 16 and will be showcasing Culinary Gifts for the Holidays. Thanks so much to Pippin Hill for making my birthday super fun!


from Kath Eats Real Food

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