Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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^^When you walk to school with a turtle peeking out of your backpack! Mazen said: “He looks like E.T.!”

Breakfast of eggs, grapes (which I am currently obsessed with), and blueberry mini muffins I have coming up for a recipe post!

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Next up: green smoothie, fried egg, and mango.

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And finally, a pita stuffed with banana and almond butter and a handful of raspberries. Mazen is currently obsessed with stuffed pitas : )

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I had a lot of soup for lunches last week. This was a Cook Smarts chicken soup, which I topped with cheese and Greek yogurt.

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One day for lunch I got a big green smoothie from The Juice Place downtown.

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This guy was the almond butter one with added spinach and granola on top.

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Lunch date at Lampo! I had the kale salad (which is small but mighty) plus the Hell Boy pizza, which is the BEST! So spicy with a drizzle of honey, and the prosciutto pizza with arugula and lemon is another favorite.

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For dinner I went over to Sarah’s and made a Cook Smarts butternut squash soup to go with pesto zucchini and rice. We stirred some cooked chicken into the soup to bulk it up a bit with protein.

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As mentioned above, that Cook Smarts chicken poblano soup. With all the toppings!

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And finally, I went to Southern Crescent with Mazen’s teacher from last year, who is helping me book a tropical vacation for this winter.

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The restaurant is in this house in Belmont, and it has an epic porch/patio set up for dining. We sat out on the porch looking in at the cozy bar.

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Specializing in New Orleans and southern fare, we started with the jalapeno pimento cheese dip and fried okra. Both were amazing!

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I had the shrimp and grits for dinner, which were fabulous. So great as leftovers for lunch the next day!

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Hope you guys are having a great week! Sylvia says hi : )

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