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What I Bought At Whole Foods

What I Bought At Whole Foods

This whole crazy healthy living blog world was created years ago because many of us realized how much we liked seeing what other people were eating, and how they were making a healthy life work for them. I still love seeing what my blogging colleagues are eating and cooking and the life snippets they share in-between. And so like a “normal” healthy living blogger, I arranged my groceries out on my dining room table so you could peek into my shopping cart. What did I buy and why? Let’s see.

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Here’s my meal plan for the week:

Sunday: Greek kale salad with herby chicken from the freezer

Monday: A souffle with side salad or kale chips (for an upcoming blog post)

Tuesday: Split pea soup with sausage (for a blog post!)

Wednesday: Tilapia from the freezer with broccoli

Thursday: Leftovers

(I generally don’t plan Friday/Saturday because I’m usually out, at parties, with friends, etc and can always pick up groceries over the weekend to cook if I go that route).

My fridge was also very empty – out of milk, fruit, eggs, etc., so this was a larger-than-usual trip for me.

On the left….clockwise….

-Kale was 3 bunches for 5 this week, so I bought two curly and one lacinato to use for salads throughout the week.

-Eating all the grapes this fall! These are for breakfasts/snacks.

-Lemon because I always have one on hand. I’ll probably use it for one of the kale salads.

-Strawberries one last time before they are gone. Mazen loves them in his lunchbox.

-Tea because it’s now cold outside and I drink tea most evenings. Sleepytime is my favorite, and the chai is for a recipe I’m working on!

-Carrots and celery for the split pea soup, and the sweet potato is to make a batch of sweet potato fries for Mazen’s dinners.

-Kevita kombucha for a cocktail hour drink

-Yogurt for my breakfasts

-And peaches/pears for Mazen’s lunchbox. I aim for fresh fruit, but when we’re out of fresh I pack one of these or an applesauce.

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And on the right side:

-Lots of baby spinach for a recipe and smoothies

-Pasture eggs for the souffle and breakfasts

-YoBaby yogurts for Mazen’s lunchbox. He loves the banana/mango.

-Half and half for coffee and organic milk for drinking, smoothies and the souffle

-Broccoli to roast for dinner. I took a shortcut and got the pre-washed kind.

-Broth for the soup

-Pears for breakfasts and snacks

-Split peas for the soup

Bonne Maman raspberry preserves is the BEST JAM I’VE EVER HAD.

-Bulk cumin because I was out.

-Artichoke quarters for salads

-Yogurts for breakfast/snacks

-Spinach Feta pizza for a quick dinner for Mazen. He ususally has one of these throughout the week. He calls them “salad pizzas” and I consider them a great option in a pinch!

-Jack cheese to shred for the souffle

-A small bottle of fresh OJ

-Bacon and sausage for the soup

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There ya have it! This was about $90 total. While I don’t strictly buy organic produce, I do buy it when I can to support the industry. I do strictly buy organic milk/eggs. I am sure this lot would have been less expensive at another grocery store, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to get everything I needed under one roof anywhere else, which is one reason I love Whole Foods. It’s a one stop shop for me, and I love the shopping experience there. And I don’t think the produce anywhere else in town compares. I have been going to Trader Joe’s more to safe a few dollars and stock up on the things that they do best, and I head up to Costco every now and then to get some things in bulk, like canned pumpkin or crackers.

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