Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happenings // Trips To Wegmans, JMU, and Short Pump


Last week we had (what I am predicting as) one of our last warm days of 2016. You know the kind that feels crisp and cool, yet you’re totally fine without a jacket, not sweating, and can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face and the 10 degree difference in the shade? Love those kind of days!


I took the Sayas to our brand new Wegmans for lunch. First impressions: It’s MASSIVE. It feels more like a Harris Teeter than a Whole Foods. It was definitely less expensive than Whole Foods for both groceries and the hot bar. There was a huuuuge variety of things to buy. There were a lot more options for the hot bar, but they weren’t as healthy as a Whole Foods hot bar.


I ended up with kale salad topped with Asian hot bar. Let’s just say this wasn’t my best combo ever :/ Not my healthiest, either. Next time I will do better! But it did taste good!


I joined Sarah that afternoon for lots of romping around in the country with the kiddos. We all appreciated the fresh autumn air so much!


I randomly had a bowl of cereal last week for breakfast (cereal is most often a snack or dessert for me) and it was quite good. But what struck me most was how easy this was to “make.” LOL. Coming from someone who spent years making elaborate breakfasts, I can see why cereal is so appealing to the masses. Mazen doesn’t really get cereal yet. He’s on a big smoothie kick, which is good because if you leave out the spinach he gets mad at you for “not following the rules!”


Check out this balancing act that Mazen crafted in the kitchen. Dino –> Tiger –> Snake –> Tiger. Impressive!


Last week I spoke to the James Madison University Nutrition Department about my career path as an R.D. I had a great time meeting the students, and want to thank everyone for the hospitality! Professor Walsh, who has been a blog reader for years (Hi!!), took me to lunch before class, and we had lots to talk about over these quinoa bowl salads with feta and chickpeas.


On another day I drove down to Richmond to meet my friend Chelsea who was there on business. Chelsea and I go waaaaaay back in the online world to my Calorie King days!

Here we are in 2008 when she was pregnant with her daughter and I met her while at a conference in San Francisco:


And here we are today!


We had a great time chatting over dinner at The Boathouse in Short Pump. We shared these pimento cheese oysters (SO GOOD!).


And then I had the salmon special, which came topped with about 10 different things, from mushrooms, to a corn salad, to a gouda sauce with shrimp and crab in it. It was quite the dish!


I had way too much fun at the Athleta store after dinner ; )

Gussie says he hopes you guys are having a chill week!


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