Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Year Of Rose


Let’s get cozy and have some tea. Sleepytime is my go-to, but I’ll take a good mint tea any day. Or my mom’s famous Lipton with sugar and milk. What’s your favorite? Do you swear by loose leaf or are you as efficient as possible and plop in a teabag and call it a day ( <– that’s me, no surprise, although I do agree that loose leaf is better!)

I am reading the book Raising Your Spirited Child, by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, and should have read it years ago! During the first few chapters I was nodding my head yes in agreement, and can say with confidence that Mazen is a spirited child. “Normal but more,” as she calls them. I am only halfway through the book and am really eager to put some of her tips into place when it comes to minimizing the resistance and battles and maximizing all the wonderful things about Mazen’s personality.


After my visit to Neroli spa, Alyssa sent me home with this gentle rose exfoliator. As my mom would say, “It ain’t cheap,” but I really like that it isn’t super scratchy or rough. There are little beads inside that “polish” the face. And….all the smells!


Speaking of rosey things, I have been using this rose shampoo which arrived in a package from Target featuring brands that are #madetomatter. You guys would recognize a ton of them as being environmentally friendly, organic and the like. This shampoo is natural, organic, sustainable and best of all – smells amazing!! ‘Tis the year of the rose.

Holy warm coat Batman!! Guess who is going to freak when this shows up under the tree?!?


A friend told me about Sensationail products that are at Target. It’s a whole line of gel nail products for home use, and the kits look really awesome and is really affordable. I wish I had known about this line before buying my kit, but I will give them a test run to see how they do. You can guess which color I’ll be buying ; )


Have you seen this hilarious Facebook channel by JP Sears? I just love his super dry sarcasm.

And this video from Billy On The Street with Will Ferrell was produced by my cousin Anna!! Also hilarious. Elf IS the best movie ever!


^^This was the prettiest Birchbox! I love the gold foil sparkle. (This post features a ton of the boxes I have kept!) And that evo Root Canal volumizing spray is awesome!


This was our sky the other morning. #rosegold (sorry I had to!)


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