Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 Minutes a Day Booty Challenge (Week 1)

cnc-0261_thumb.jpgHi, guys! Here’s the 5 Minutes a Day (May) Booty Challenge! Yeehaw! Every Thursday from now until the end of May, I’ll share 5 days worth of workouts for the following week (for a total of 4 weeks) to get your booty in tip top shape for summer! Feel free to start on Sunday, May 1st […]

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4 Easy Refreshing De

4 Easy Refreshing Detox Juice drinks via Healthy Juice Recipes

10 Common Primal Mistakes You Might Be Making

Most of us go Primal to solve problems created by Conventional Wisdom. The importance of whole grains and daily cardio, the dangers of dietary fat and animal protein, the primacy of carbohydrates for “energy,”—these untruths are promulgated so widely and fail so conclusively that you can’t help but look to the people saying the opposite […]

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Lentil-Crusted Chicken Parmesan

Serve the baked chicken alongside pasta or vegetables and this healthy dish is sure to be a hit.

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Fresh Food Matters

Why Fresh Food MattersThis post is sponsored by Sub-Zero Kath Eats Real Food. That’s the name of this blog and summarizes my food philosophy in a nutshell. When I set out to lose weight back in 2005, I did what many college-aged girls did at the time: I read the tips in women’s magazines and started counting calories, […]

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It’s Impossible to be Vegan: Lessons from a 10yr Old Girl

We have a sweet little pond on the farm where my kids enjoy catching frogs and going fishing. They spend hours down there, unsupervised, and find all sorts of creatures, make up games, and do other “kid” things. This is spring break week and the kids are hanging around. My son (age 12) is working… Continue Reading

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Clean Eating Mother’s Day Recipes From Around The Web

Mother’s day is nearly here. And let’s face it, us mom’s work hard. We deserve a day just for us. The sleepless nights, the worrying, the doctor visits, the taxiing to karate, baseball or ballet, the… Read more →

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Family Vacation at Chatham Bars Inn – Part 3

SAM_9067-1280x853_thumb.jpgMissed Part 1 and Part 2 of our family vacation to Chatham Bars Inn (CBI)? After nap time and our individual spa services, the three of us ate some lunch in our room and then drove to nearby Chatham Lighthouse Beach to fly Quinn’s first kite together! So fun! He loved it. Doing anything with a kid for the first time […]

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Family Vacation to Chatham Bars Inn – Part 2

SAM_9016-1280x832.jpgOur second day in Chatham was a busy one for sure. It started bright and early (before 6 AM) and continued straight through until bedtime, which was 7:00 PM for Quinn and 9:30 PM for Mal and me. We were all exhausted from a seriously fun-filled day on the Cape! Not surprisingly, waking up with […]

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