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The Ultimate Turkey

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6 Dumbbell Exercises, 3 Full-Body Workouts

Sometimes the best workouts are the ones that require minimal equipment, right? Well, that’s exactly why I created this series of workouts that only require a set of dumbbells, which means you can break a sweat just about anywhere. Whether it’s a fitness center, hotel gym, or your living room, these workouts have got you covered!

Each of these workouts combine a number of my favorite multi-joint exercises that are guaranteed to challenge your entire body from head-to-toe and keep your heart rate up while building muscle at the same time. All six exercises are super efficient and arranged into three separate workouts, each with a different rep scheme and duration. All you need is a medium-weight set of dumbbells, a chair/bench (or coffee table), and a little bit of space and you’re good to go! Happy sweating!

6 Dumbbell Exercises


Third Time’s a Charm

Set a timer and perform each of the exercises listed below for 60 seconds. Move from one exercise to the next without rest. Push yourself (high-intensity is key), but keep a consistent pace since six minutes can be a long time. After completing all 6 movements, rest for 60 seconds and repeat the workout from the top (starting with Overhead Walking Lunges) two more times for a total of 3 rounds.

3 rounds – 60 seconds each:

Overhead Walking Lunges

Man Makers

Front to Lateral Raise


Weighted Triceps Dips

Russian Twists

— rest 60 seconds–


Seven Eight Nine

Workout 2 includes three mini workouts, each of which are 7 minutes in duration. Set a timer for 7 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible of the exercises listed. Rest for 60 seconds between each mini workout. Once again, be sure to challenge yourself by keeping up the intensity of your workout. You get 60 seconds to recover from each mini workout, so make sure it’s worth it!


8 Thrusters
9 Man Makers

— rest 60 seconds–


8 Overhead Walking Lunges
9 Front to Lateral Raise

— rest 60 seconds–


8 Russian Twists
9 Weighted Triceps Dips

— rest 60 seconds–


10 to 1

Workout 3 is a tough one for sure! Start by performing 10 repetitions of each exercise—starting with Overhead Walking Lunges then Man Makers, Front to Lateral Lunges, and so on. Then, perform 9 reps of each exercise (starting at the top with Overhead Walking Lunges) and then continue to reduce the reps by one: 8, 7, 6… all the way down to 1 rep of each exercise.

* Please consult your doctor before starting a new fitness program. 


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Orange Carrot Ginger

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Stay Hydrated With I

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These individual app

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Beach Ready // Back To School

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I love sharing some of my recent purchases and finds with you guys. Sometimes I go to my Amazon orders page just to remember what I bought! Unfortunately for my budget it was a busy month as we are gearing up for the beach, and back to school in our house!

This beach umbrella is going to ROCK!! So much better than the 10 year old twisted one I recycled on Bald Head back in June. Can’t wait to try this one out! You have three options – stake to the ground, tie to the ground or bury upright.

Foodblog (1 of 1)-4

I also bought this raft for using at Sarah’s pool a month ago. It’s the best because you sit in the water to keep cool but still get to float!

I’ve also been on the hunt for swimsuits on sale in preparation for our beach trip. I bought this Banded Hottie Halter at Victoria’s Secret along with several bottoms on clearance for $15. I hope they fit and my back side is not revealed too much! Not sure I can get on board with the cheeky look. Lastly, I ordered one of these slip dresses for sleeping. Love all the cute phrases!

And these Toms are new to our family! Mazen is going to be styling for Back to School : ) For me, well, my friend has these Toms flats, and I tried them on at her house, and they are super comfortable. I almost bought them but since I got these wedges on sale recently, my Toms budget was maxed out! Love Toms!

Foodblog (1 of 1)-8

Gina is a Beauty Counter consultant and sent me a sample set to try out. I have heard really good things about the company, so I can’t wait to use these! I love that they are mostly plant based as you can see on the tubes below. Gotta try extend the summer glow ; )

Foodblog (1 of 1)-5

I bought these two books for Mazen to work on his letters. He starts pre-K in a few weeks, and letters are big this year. He’s getting good at tracing.

Foodblog (1 of 1)-7

Plan of action: soak up all the humidity, and warm salty breezes I can at the beach and then return to crisp fall air in September. Mazen’s birthday (September 7) always signifies the end of summer for me. I remember when I went to the hospital it was 90+ degrees and summer, and the day I brought him home the first days of fall had arrived. Bring on the pumpkin spice!

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Does Your Body Cleanse Itself? Is Detoxing Really A Myth?

How many times have you heard on the Internet or from an “expert” on TV, there’s no such thing as detoxing, there’s no “SCIENCE” behind it and “your body cleanses itself”? If you’ve questioned the word “detox” like many out … Continued

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Cantaloupe Chardonna

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Jamba Juice Smoothie

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Oven-Roasted Caulifl

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Stay Hydrated With I

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Angiex on Television

If you’ve been wondering why there have been few blog posts over the last 18 months, it’s because Shou-Ching and I have been launching a biotech company, Angiex. Last week I got to speak about Angiex on the evening business …

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Primal Kitchen Restaurants Update—Continued Expansion!

webinarMany of us who follow a Primal lifestyle do so from a central motivation: to live the best life possible. That means eating and living in ways that amplify enjoyment and minimize work, pain, sacrifice, and suffering.  When it comes to food, that translates into convenience, great taste, and using only the highest quality, nutritious ingredients possible. With some practice and prep, anyone can get the rudiments of good taste and nutrition dialed in. Heck, we have an entire recipes section on this blog dedicated to the pursuit. But sometimes, it’s just easier to have someone else do the work for us. Sometimes, we want someone else to dice those veggies, sear that grass-fed beef, marinate those veggies, and serve it to us in a way that makes our mouths water and eyes bulge in aesthetic appreciation. And sometimes, we just don’t want to do the dishes.

That’s why many of you have been clamoring for a restaurant that aligns with your quest for convenience. A restaurant that has total dedication to taste and the highest quality ingredients. A place where you can grab a quick bite and never have to scratch your head about whether what you’re eating is actually a ticking time bomb of unsavory food-like substitutes. And that’s why last year I announced my plans to launch a restaurant franchise that upholds those values: Primal Kitchen Restaurants.

In the past year, I’ve worked with Mario Altiery, president of Upside Group Franchise Consulting, to bring this vision to fruition. Mario, a food industry veteran and accomplished chef, has launched many successful restaurant franchises. Over the years, he’s developed a system for creating successful restaurants and other businesses that scale to the franchise level. He knows how franchises succeed and how they fail. And guess what? He’s a paleo/primal enthusiast as well! So by combining his expertise with mine, we’ve made some big things happen.

So I’m excited to share some major updates with you today.


I’m pleased to announce that come fall, three Primal Kitchen Restaurants locations will be opening their doors to the public in the following locations! 

Anchorage, Alaska

South Bend, Indiana

Los Angeles, California

So if you live anywhere near one of the three cities above, you’ll be one of the first to try what Primal Kitchen Restaurants has to offer.

But don’t fret if you’re not local to any of these locations. They mark the first step in a series of steps to bringing a fast-casual atmosphere serving great food to the public all across the nation. In fact, besides these three openings, we have four other locations currently in development. And that means four more cities slated to access this exceptional way of eating. It’s my goal to grow Primal Kitchen Restaurants’ reach far and wide. With your help, I think we can do it.

Here’s What Primal Kitchen Restaurants Is All About

Each meal is based on nutrient-dense vegetables, selected fruits, animals, fish, nuts, seeds, tubers, herbs, spices, and fats, while excluding a few common culprits—like grains, refined sugar, seed oils, excess carbs—that don’t add to the pure and gratifying experience of having a delicious, nutrient dense mouthful in every bite. This is a restaurant for all people, tastes, and walks of life, because it commits to nourishing your body and your palate without compromise.

I hope you’re as excited as I am when it comes to grabbing a meal at one of our new locations. But I know there are a number of foodies out there who would be interested in taking things to the next level. I’m talking about passionate individuals driven to expand this kind of food accessibility to everyone. People who have business in their blood and who are looking to change their lives and the lives of others.

And that brings me to my next announcement.

Learn How to Become a Primal Kitchen Restaurant Franchisee

If you’re willing, able, and dedicated, you can become a part of a restaurant franchise group committed to the food values that always end in a win-win situation: exceptional taste and nourishment by using only the highest quality ingredients.

Everything fresh. Nothing suspect. No compromises.

You won’t be winning over customers by exploiting food addiction. Instead, you’ll be tapping into our innate cravings for nutrient-dense essentials: we’re talking plants and animals, folks. The stuff of life and pure gastronomic pleasure.

You won’t be putting food on the table meant to be gobbled up in a moment and forgotten. You’ll be creating dishes truly worth your chewing time and effort. Food worth savoring.

You won’t be serving soft drinks, deep fried amalgamations, processed, hormone-ridden meats and industrially processed oils. Instead, you’ll give people what they truly want: delicious food that exceeds their expectations.

And you won’t be doing it for a price that excludes the majority of the public. You’ll be democratizing quality food at an affordable price, so people won’t have to choose between good food and the weight of their wallets.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a way to turn your love of Primal into a career and a business, then this could be for you.

Because if you have an entrepreneurial dream and believe in the Primal message—that we owe it to ourselves, our health, and our gene expression to eat in accordance with our biology—there might not be a better match.

If all of this applies to you, then you’ll want to sign up for a Primal Kitchen Restaurants informational webinar on September 8th, 11-12pm PDT.

In it, you’ll learn the essentials behind how you might be a potential contributor in this exciting new venture.

Click here to submit your information and a Primal Kitchen Restaurants staff member will reach out to you with further details if you’re a match.

And even if this opportunity isn’t for you, if you have a friend who’s always dreamed of opening a place where people can get food that’s as delicious as it is nourishing, pass this blog post along. It might be the perfect fit.

And, of course, even if you’re not running the place, I can’t wait to have you in one of our locations for many meals to come.

What do you think about all this restaurant business, folks? You can probably tell I’m excited. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Take care.

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Healthy Hiking Snacks

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service (NPS). To celebrate, take a hike on your favorite trail, or go to the NPS website to find a park near you, and take one of these healthy snacks along to fuel your journey.

Before You Head Out
Once you select a trail, do some research — especially if you’re planning on a full-day hike. Call the campsite, or research online where you can access water near the trail. Longer hikes may require you to bring water purification tablets, in case you come across a stream or natural source of water, which may contain harmful bacteria or parasites.
For shorter hikes, a Swell bottle can help keep your beverage of choice cold.

Reminder About Food Safety
You’re limited to what you can tote when hiking. You don’t want to carry too much or it might weigh you down (so no large coolers!). You also need to find foods that can take the heat for the extended period of time without refrigeration. Here are several foods you may want to consider picking up before your next adventure.

Beef Jerky
This high-protein snack was created to be a portable option. My favorite brands include:
Think Jerky: Grass-fed beef jerky
Fusion Jerky

Meat Bars
The latest trend is meat bars, touted to be high-protein bars made with real meat. Healthier brands include:
Wilde Snacks: Slow-baked meat bars from Boulder, Colo.
Wild Zora: A mix of meat and veggie bars

Trail Mix
Snacks for hiking should contain maximum nutrition in every bite. You can opt to make your own trail mix, though skip the chocolate if it’s a hot day (or it will be messy!). You can also tote along a variety of trail mixes that provide a healthy dose of energy along with healthy fats, protein and carbs (from the fruit). Some healthier trail mixes to pick up:
Dick Stevens Trail Mix (made with pieces of jerky)
Trader Joe’s Simply the Best Trek Mix

Other Easy Snacks
• Energy bars, such as nut butter-filled Clif bars
• Granola bars similar to Kashi bars that aren’t too soft (those tend to get very mushy)
• Nuts and seeds
• Single-serve squeezable nut butter packs, such as those from Justin’s or Crazy Richards

Bottom line: Whether you’re headed on a short or long hike, advanced planning and snacks can help make your trip a healthier one!

Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. She is the author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day.

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juicing ingredients

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Hippie Juice Recipe.

Hippie Juice Recipe... I mean, how can watermelon flavored anything go wrong? I am going to have to make this for my next camping trip... Yum! via http://ift.tt/1WrJOXs http://ift.tt/2bvhvoh

Roasted broccoli tos

Roasted broccoli tossed with sliced toasted almonds, red pepper flakes, garlic, lemon juice, and aged pecorino cheese. ❊ via http://ift.tt/1WrJOXs http://ift.tt/2bvhGzB

I have been sufferin

I have been suffering from diabetes for 5 years. My skin is always dry and itchy and have tried many creams, but they were all base on chemicals and petroleum ingredients. I saw this natural cream and wanted to try it. I love it. I had the best result jus via http://ift.tt/1WrJOXs http://ift.tt/2aWqHiz

Lemon Drop Jolly Pop

Lemon Drop Jolly Pops - These fun and easy cocktails are sure to be a hit! A simple lemon drop recipe with a bit of cranberry raspberry juice takes this vodka drink to a whole new level. Vegan, Vegetarian. via http://ift.tt/1WrJOXs http://ift.tt/2aYnulU

Tropical Paleo Lemon

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Winter Orgy Cocktail

Winter Orgy Cocktail Recipe: -1cl Licor 43 -1cl Dark Cacao Liqueur -1cl Rémy Martin cognac -1cl Sailor Jerry Rum -6cl Hot water -0.5bsp Honey -Few drops of fresh lemon juice juicerblendercent... via http://ift.tt/1WrJOXs http://ift.tt/2bb3rjJ

4 juice recipes for

4 juice recipes for great skin from celeb facialist Joanna Vargas | Well+Good via http://ift.tt/1WrJOXs http://ift.tt/2bC861i