Monday, October 3, 2016

Dear Mark: High-Fat Diet, Gall Stones, and NAFLD

Happy Rocktober

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The best month of the year is here! Wheeeeee!!

On Friday night Mazen and I went to the Nest Realty County Fair, which is a fun event for all clients of Nest. I used Karen Ball via Nest to buy-sell-buy my houses, and she’s the best!

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They had BBQ Exchange for over a thousand people.

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There was plenty of food, but a shortage of places to sit!

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On Saturday morning Mazen and I had chill time hanging out at home. E.T. in the closet!

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Big breakfast:

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I swear I have changed 100 lightbulbs in the past few weeks!

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We went to the gym for a short workout. I told Mazen I wouldn’t be long because I was just going to stretch my legs, and when I kissed him goodbye he said “Have fun stretching your legs!” <3

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Lunch back at the casa was a salad with cheese, cottage cheese, and almonds. Plus some of Mazen’s sweet potato fries.

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Matt came to pick up Mazen for some time together, and I went out shopping. I had a Pottery Barn reward coupon that was about to expire.

First though, I got a Roasted Almond latte at Capital Teas and went through Williams Sonoma.

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The marble / copper trend was ON POINT in there!

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I found this sweet end table at Pottery Barn as a sample sale. I’ve been hunting for an end table for my upstairs couch for a while, and combined with the 15% off coupon, $25 off coupon, and $25 rewards certificate, I snagged this guy for only $83. SADLY something happened on the ride home, and the top cracked in half. I cried fat tears and then went to Instagram for advice on how to fix it. Going to research marble glue and apoxy. For now, I’m rocking an end table with a rough edge. Maybe it sort of looks natural that way?!

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The guy and I had a little cocktail hour on my deck before heading downtown for a date night.

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We went to Cville Escape Room before dinner, which was a ton of fun. You get “locked” in a room, and then along with six other people figure out a crime scene. Our room was a mad scientist laboratory, and there were tons of locks we had to find the combinations for. I think I would have preferred it if we’d been with friends instead of strangers, but overall it was fun!

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Next stop was Zocalo for dinner.

The tuna tartare was sooo good! My first time having it.

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Kale salad:

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and the pepper, split in half! Amazing, per usual.

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On Sunday morning I made another test batch of the pumpkin millet porridge I’m doing for a future post. TBA!

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Sunday soccer was off the hook – 2 games back to back! Rest day today : )

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