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From Adrenal Fatigue to Keto Clarity: I Now Have More Energy than I Can Handle!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. In fact, I have a contest going right now. So if you have a story to share, no matter how big or how small, you’ll be in the running to win a big prize. Read more here.

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Lucky me. I’ve been fit and happy my whole life; always followed what I believed were healthful ways-of-eating along with workout plans that made me feel great and kept my body trim. And, for a long time I was really in shape. But, little by little I was amping up my cardio as well as my carbs, and I would reason this madness by thinking I had earned more carbs through working out so hard. At one point I was doing five Spin classes a week, along with an hour plus of weights 4 times a week, plus running, and whatever else I could throw in the mix.

I was sailing along pretty great until I turned 50. Then my Father called to tell me he had 4th Stage Bladder Cancer, and a couple of months later, he passed away. We were very close so I was immediately plunged into instant adrenal fatigue. It was so bad at one point that I registered zero adrenaline, even when confronted with a terrifying situation. I was gaining weight in spite of all my workouts, not to mention that I wasn’t eating much. Huh? One day, I was driving my car on the freeway when another car blew one of its front tires and came careening toward me and a friend. I had no reaction, just turned the wheel to avoid the accident while my friend was screaming his head off. That was my turning point. I knew I had to address my adrenal fatigue and change how I ate and worked out.

I did a LOT of research, consulted a Naturopath and immediately cut out all exercising for a month. I began taking adrenal supplements, followed a vitamin protocol, removed as much stress as I could and went on with my life. During my exercise hiatus I read as much as possible about nutrition and how it affected adrenal fatigue (which in turn affected weight loss) and after going down several rabbit holes online, I found Primal Blueprint!

I ordered the book, joined the website and haven’t looked back once. I am now in the best shape of my life, have more energy than I can handle (or anyone else can handle, for that matter). I work out with weights for 30 minutes about 3 times a week using compound movements like squats and pull ups and others that Mark recommends. I walk a lot, and once a week or every 10 days I do 6-10 minutes of HIIT cardio. I’ve successfully shared the book and methodology with several people (one of whom actually plays Frisbee with Mark!).

About a month or so ago, I decided to take it one step further and began Keto. Total brain clarity and energy, never more up and happy in my life. Then lo and behold, recently received info from Mark about a Keto Summit and am listening to those podcasts excitedly. Life is GOOD!

And to think, I could still be a very average 20 pounds overweight, dragging around with zero energy and thinking that is totally normal. Ha! Thanks to Primal Blueprint I will never have to worry about that!


Wendy O. Roberts


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5 Foods That Will Help You Age Gracefully 

While the fountain of youth isn’t actually a thing, what we eat can help slow down the aging process — or at least keep us feeling healthier and thinking sharper as we get older. Give these five foods a try.

Eat Eggs to Help Your Eyes
Cook up an omelet for breakfast, and you could help your eyes. The yolks contain nutrients that may help decrease your risk of age-related macular degeneration, as well as cataracts. “Unfortunately, eyesight is one of the first things to go as we age,” says Emily Kyle, M.S., RDN, owner of Emily Kyle Nutrition. “Thankfully, a diet rich in farm-fresh eggs can help combat the loss of vision through two powerful nutrients: lutein and zeaxanthin.” Additionally, the amino acids found in eggs help rebuild and repair tissues that may deteriorate as you get older.

Start Your Day with Raspberries to Help Mind Health
This fruit gets its red color from antioxidants, which may help slow down the aging process. “Short-term experimental studies have shown that berries improve cognition — perhaps because they’re high in flavonoids, especially the kind called anthocyanidins, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions,” explains Maggie Moon, M.S., RDN, author of The MIND Diet. In a Nurses’ Health Study, people eating a large amount of flavonoids, including anthocyanidins, saw a decrease in the cognitive aging process by an average of up to two and a half years. Add raspberries to a Greek yogurt parfait, along with slivered almonds and cinnamon.

Sip Green Tea for Healthy Skin
“Tea has been touted for its anti-aging capabilities for centuries,” says Kyle. “Rich in antioxidants, it has the ability to help the skin repair itself from the common threats of everyday life, like sun damage, pollution, and poor nutrition or hydration status.” Green tea has an especially high antioxidant makeup, so go ahead and brew a cup.

Nosh on Nuts for a Longer Life
Regularly eating a mix of nuts (such as almonds, pistachios and peanuts) may help you live longer. People who regularly eat them have a lower risk of death from heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease, found a study in The New England Journal of Medicine. Keep your own DIY mix stocked for healthy snacking.

Cook Up Cauliflower to Boost Brain Health
With cauliflower rice and pizza in vogue, it’s a good thing the cruciferous veggie may help boost mind health. “In studies, subjects who ate the most cruciferous vegetables performed better at cognitive tests,” says Moon. “Their brains were almost two years cognitively younger.” Not a cauliflower fan? Try broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale or arugula — all cruciferous veggies shown to help your mind.

Amy Gorin, M.S., RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition in Jersey City. She’s a regular contributor to many publications, including,,, Dr. Oz the Good Life and Runner’s World as well as, where she was a longtime editor. She also pens a recipe-focused blog, Amy’s Eat List. 

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Clean Eating Grain Free Irish Spice Bread Recipe

Clean Eating Irish Spice Bread

A few years back, my mom took Mini Chef and me to Ireland with her for three weeks. Some of you may remember my blog posts from then. I filled them with as many details of our trip as I could fit… Read more →

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KERF Holiday Gift Guide 2016

KERF holiday gift guide 2016 a.k.a. All That Glitters Is Probably Gold

Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Tater Tats. These are such a cute stocking stuffer for foodies! The company sent me a set, and I’ve had fun sporting mason jars on my wrist ; )
  2. Beck Cheese Board + Knives. I love that this board comes with matching knives : )
  3. Pears 4 Girls. The jewelry this wonderful nonprofit is made by girls and women in Canada to empower girls in Southern Africa. The earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and black pearls all support leadership programs for girls affected by AIDS and poverty. They sent me their Signature Bracelet to share with you all as well, and you can support the effort by purchasing a piece for 10% off with the code KERF.
  4. The Future Is Female. Yup.
  5. Fairisle and Stripe Socks. Who doesn’t love new socks for the new year? These no-shows are great for flats.
  6. Beta Pastry Server. The most beautiful dessert serving piece I’ve ever seen! Slices of unicorn cake for all.
  7. Unicorn Power Bank. Speaking of unicorns, rainbow-loving friends would love this <3
  8. Izon Flatware at Target. For that blogger friend of yours! (Or you!)
  9. Mighty Magnets. I have some of these and they are STRONG! No more falling artwork.
  10. Gift subscriptions to monthly clubs for wines, spices, meal plans and more!
  11. Bat Cave. Mazen’s favorite toy. You’re welcome, parents!
  12. Flameless Gold Candles. I LOVE my flameless candles, and I have a set from Pottery Barn that most people mistake for real. These have a timer so you can have them turn on at the same time every night, “burn” for a few hours, and then automatically shut off. Effortless!
  13. Silver and Gold Stemless Wineglasses. Stemless holiday-themed glasses that are plastic, so safe when your house is full of kids (can’t speak for spilled red wine!) And they are dishwasher safe!!! 
  14. Stitch Fix for Men. A great gift for your significant other, brother, or even dad!
  15. Concrete Mason Jar Planter. So cute! From Etsy.
  16. Gleaming Safari Bust. Such a cute way to hang necklaces.
  17. Pave Chevron Ring. I just bought this from my friend Ellen!
  18. Hit The Ground Stunning Wedges. Pretty, pretty.
  19. Velo Balance Bike. Mazen, at age 4, loved this.
  20. Clarity Bowls at CB2. These are just so cute and unique! Perfect for Christmas M&Ms : )
  21. Rewined Candles. Shout out to my favorite candles! The holiday scent is so, so good!
  22. Eat Healthy Designs gear. This cute shop makes so many amazing foodie products – from pencils to apparel. I own the “Everyday I’m Brusslin'”shirt!
  23. Apple Watch Series 2. I have it. I love it!
  24. Wood and Marble Wine Cooler.  Marble, and ’cause nobody likes warm white wine!
  25. Cozy “performance sweatshirts.” <– That’s what Athleta is calling them. Somehow performance justifies me living in a sweatshirt all winter. I am done being cold!
  26. Cufflink Storage + embroidered cufflinks. For men of all ages.
  27. Natural Acacia Coaster from Target. I love the gold + wood combo, and these would make a great secret santa gift at only $9.99.
  28. Crackled Metallic Suede Slippers. Snug as a bug!

*This holiday gift guide does include affiliate links, as many posts on my site do.

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