Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day in the Life {2.7 Years Old}


Umm, hello… where did December go? Holy cow, we were consumed with the holidays this year. So much, in fact, I totally missed Qman’s monthly Day in the Life post. Oops! Well, the little dude is 2 years and 7 months old now and such a boy. He’s still my baby, but now that’s he’s talking a lot more and forming all sorts of interesting ideas (he randomly told me that Murphy likes treats more than hot chocolate the other day), I’m starting to see glimpses of a little person. It’s so much fun. THIS is my favorite age so far. Anyway, here’s a recap from last Friday!

5:35 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. He’s fussing, but not crying, so I grab my iPhone and scroll through Instagram. He falls right back to sleep, but I’m wide awake.

5:40 AM: I get out of bed, pour myself an iced coffee with coconut creamer and collagen. Then, I sit down at my laptop to get a jumpstart on work before Qman is up for the day.

Photo Jan 06, 5 52 31 AM (1024x1024)

5:59 AM: Work time doesn’t last for long because, before I know it, Quinn is up and at ’em! I carry him downstairs and he immediately gets on his “car” and starts cruising around the house. Gooooooood morning!

Photo Jan 06, 6 05 11 AM (1024x1024)

6:19 AM: Quinn rides his car for awhile and then switches to “Dirty,” so he can dump some blocks. “Dump it!!”

6:34 AM: He eventually gets bored of his ride-on toys and asks to play with my handheld spiralizer. The kid loves making veggie noodles! AND he will taste them from time-to-time. Ninety-nine percent of the time, he decides that they’re “eww, gross” before handing me the chewed up bits, but at least we’re making progress in the veggie/new food department. The willingness to taste a new food is really high up there on the feeding hierarchy chart!

Photo Jan 06, 6 36 24 AM (1024x1024)

And, of course, when we’re finished zoodling, we give Murphy the carrot ends to eat.

Photo Jan 06, 6 51 24 AM (1024x1024)

6:45 AM: While Quinn is happily making carrot noodles, I start to cook us breakfast. Between helping him zoodle and cooking two different breakfasts, it takes me much longer than expected. Usually, breakfast is the quickest meal of the day!

7:15 AM: We’re finally ready to eat 30 minutes later! 🙂 On the menu for me: Scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes, kale, and ketchup. For Qman: Mini pancakes, (skinless) apple chunks (“eww, skin”), Stonyfield yogurt, and milk.

Photo Jan 06, 7 13 48 AM (1024x1024)

7:45 AM: We finish eating breakfast. Qman plays in his playroom while I clean up.

8:00 AM: I do some Instagram stuff and then get us ready to go to the gym.

8:40 AM: We leave for CrossFit.

8:55 AM: We arrive at CrossFit. I work out. Qman plays with the “tiny kids.”

Photo Jan 06, 10 16 07 AM (576x1024)

10:00 AM: Class ends. We play at the gym for a little while before heading out to run some errands. We need a few groceries, so I asked Quinn if he’d rather go to Target or Whole Foods to get them. His response: “Whole Foods better.” Well, ok, then… to Whole Foods we go!

Photo Jan 06, 10 58 36 AM (1024x1024)

10:51 AM: We arrive at Whole Foods and score a tractor shopping cart. (We actually avoided a mini-meltdown, thanks to some perfect timing by an employee. Quinn and I didn’t see any tractor carts at the front of the store, which almost became an issue, but we lucked out!) I bump into a college friend and her son. We chat for awhile. Then, Qman and I grab a muffin and an iced coffee. He picks the Glorious Morning Muffin (my fav) and eats about half, so I finish off the rest. #momwin #muffinfriday

Photo Jan 06, 11 01 47 AM (1024x996)

11:45 AM: After that, we finish our grocery shopping and then drive home.

12:00 PM: We arrive home. I make us lunch.

12:30 PM: Time to eat! For me: Ground beef mixed with cowboy caviar over carrot noodles and kale. For Qman: Fish sticks with ketchup, carrot noodles (“eww, gross”), and Trader Joe’s cheese crackers, which are the only thing he eats.

Photo Jan 06, 12 33 33 PM (655x1024)

12:45 PM: We finish lunch. Qman watches a show while I clean up the kitchen, and then he goes down for his afternoon nap.

1:00 PM: I test out a recipe for CNC and take some photos. I clean up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, yada yada.

Photo Jan 06, 2 25 16 PM (662x1024)

1:45 PM: I sit down at my laptop and do some work.

2:41 PM: I start to feel kind of blah, so I decide to relax and watch a documentary that a friend recommended. He told me it profiles Dan Harris, so I had a feeling I would like it.

Photo Jan 06, 2 41 22 PM (659x1024)

4:00 PMMinimalism is such an amazing film. So much of it resonated with me, and it made me want to get rid of the majority of our belongings and move into a tiny house. Ok, maybe not. I love our house. But, seriously, the film has me thinking twice about how we live.

4:11 PM: Qman wakes up from his nap. We cuddle on the couch.

4:16 PM: Cuddle time is over, and Qman is off and running again. Well, technically, riding… he’s back on his bike for 8,000 laps around the house.

4:31 PM: I’m feeling snack-y, so I break out some olives that I bought at Whole Foods.

Photo Jan 06, 4 31 40 PM (720x998)

4:49 PM: Dada arrives home and Quinn immediately greets him with with his play tablet. He says: “Cheese, Dada.” Yup, definitely my kid.

Photo Jan 06, 4 49 49 PM (1024x1024)

5:00 PM: We’re all hungry, so while Mal takes a shower, I throw together a quick dinner.

5:29 PM: Dinnertime! On the menu: Tuna melts for the boys. For me: Tuna salad made with guacamole, relish, and cucumber slices. Mal and I also break open a bottle of wine. Happy Friday to us!

Photo Jan 06, 5 29 14 PM (768x1024)

6:00 PM: After dinner, I quickly clean up and then head into the living room to play with the boys. I totally space on snapping photos, but we played with Legos, puzzles, and then have a dance party in the living room before bed. (No one takes off their shirts.)

7:15 PM: Mal takes Qman upstairs for bed, and I finally remember to snap a photo for this blog post (below). Oops. #bloggerfail

Photo Jan 06, 7 09 39 PM (1024x768)

7:25 PM: I head upstairs to see if Quinn got all of the “sugar bugs” off his teeth. He loves showing us his teeth after he brushes them. Haha!

7:40 PM: Mal reads Quinn a couple of books and then comes back downstairs. We catch up with our DVR shows.

8:30 PM: Mal breaks out the Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, and I eat approximately 1 million of them.

Photo Jan 06, 8 32 20 PM (632x1024)

9:15 PM: We’re both exhausted and head to bed.

9:29 PM: Lights out.

The end.

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