Monday, January 16, 2017

Nacho Average Weekend!

His profile!! *heart eyes*

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words in response to my post. In almost 10 years of blogging, I don’t think I have ever felt so connected to you all. Thank you for making me feel loved. <3

We had a fun, chilled, typical mid-winter weekend ’round here. On Friday night we had Mona Lisa fresh pasta with their bolognese sauce and a sprinkling of kale.

Kiddo version. Surprisingly he was more into the kale than the noodles!

On Friday evening we finished Season 5 of Game of Thrones. What a finale! On to Season 6!!

Our Saturday morning breakfast was coffee, an egg, and a Bread Basket English muffin. I used to buy these muffins before the bakery opened, and love how yeasty they taste.

I took Mazen to the gym where I did a quick workout and then we went in the warm pool for a family swim. Indoor pool swims are our favorite winter activity.

Showering in the family locker room (since Mazen is too old for the women’s locker room) is quite the ordeal. But we survived, and shared a smoothie in the cafe to tide us over to a late lunch. I designed one myself with banana, milk, peanut butter, and kale.

We headed to Wegman’s for groceries next. I am not the biggest fan because it is just SO BIG! If you forget something you have to walk half a mile to find it…

Late lunch from the hot bar. I kind of wish I’d just made a salad or sandwich at home. That’s a tamale in the upper left – that was good!

M and I made a birthday card for Matt and then snuggled with a movie for most of the afternoon. I miss the sun!

At Saturday night’s dinner I had king salmon I bought at Wegman’s that was way too expensive but also way too good!! We ate it with brussels sautéed in bacon with apple and rice.

On Sunday morning I had more toast before heading to the 10 a.m. Afterburn class. That class is KILLER and wore me out!!

Post gym lunch of leftover Friday night dinner.

Plus some of these while I heated up lunch. Had to!

Mazen and I went back to the grocery store because we forgot some things and needed more things from Whole Foods. I think I’m just going to stick to WF from here on, although I do like Wegman’s!

On Sunday evening we were invited to the soft opening of Cho’s, a nacho and beer spot in the old McGrady’s space. Hydraulion Red is my favorite local beer made next door at Three Notch’d.

The menu did not let us down! The nachos were creative and so good. Dessert – wait for it!

Classic nachos:

The Poke-Cho’s had wonton chips, sushi-grade tuna, pickled radish, jalapenos, and two kinds of spicy aioli. Loved these!

And for dessert – S’mores nachos!!!! Baked graham cracker “chips” with toasted marshmallow, chocolate drizzle and vanilla ice cream. SO GOOD!

Nacho everyday restaurant!


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