Friday, February 3, 2017

Indoor Crafts + A Day Of Meals


Still loving Anne’s pancakes for breakfast! Mazen gave up on eggs two years ago after I fed them to him for breakfast for way too many days in a row, so French toast and these pancakes are the best ways for me to get him to eat eggs. I need to give hard-boiled eggs a try again soon….

For workouts lately, I’ve been balancing twice-a-week strength class with twice-a-week Afterburn (our crazy cardio step jumping class) and indoor soccer. I haven’t been on too many outdoor runs lately, but I’ve been throwing in some hot yoga instead. I usually make it to 3 of the 4 classes, one soccer game and one wild card. Plus a day off in there.

Leftovers for lunch: whipped sweet potatoes, fish, grapes, and Red, Hot, Blues. A creative mix to hit all the texture requirements : )

A friend gave Mazen this paint-your-own birdhouse for Christmas, and it made for a fun little afternoon activity. I found some that you can buy in bulk on Amazon – four for $10. They don’t come with the paints, but most kids already have some paints.

I’m trying to find more good indoor activities now that the pools are green and full of leaves. This Star Wars play-doh set that Santa bought at Amazon is awesome!! We have gotten hours out of it. I much prefer sitting and making soothing play-doh shapes to rough housing 😉

Ahhhh fresh play-doh! The nostalgic smell!

Tacos for dinner was a big hit!

I’ve never seen Mazen eat anything that wasn’t pizza so enthusiastically!

Mama’s version:

Have a great rest of your week friends!

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