Thursday, February 2, 2017

Paint Nite Date Nite

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Last Friday night, Thomas and I had the chance to attend a really fun Paint Nite event right here in Charlottesville. Paint Nite hosts events all over the country (at more than 3,500+ locations in 1,500+ cities) and they are held at local bars and restaurants so you can order drinks or food while you paint. Our event was held at Keglers Lane bowling alley in its private room.

Paint Nite can organize private events too, so check out the website for more information on that. When you search for events in your area, you’ll get a preview for the painting that will be the model for each night, so you can see what you’ll be painting ahead of time.

My grandmother was a talented painter, but I didn’t inherit those genes from her. I’ve been told in a nice way my whole life: “You’re good at abstract art.” Haha – in other words, my trees never look like real trees. So I was a little nervous to take a stab at such a realistic painting. No experience is necessary though, and all supplies are included in your ticket price (which was $45 for my event). A little beer helped ease the nerves!

This is our host, Heather, who is two parts amazing artist and one part stand-up comic! She was hilarious and had us all laughing at her jokes.

And she definitely made me feel very comfortable by reassuring us that Paint Nite is not a formal art class, but just a chance to have fun putting paint all over a blank canvas with your partner or friends.

So with brushes in hand, we began.

Looks kinda like the German flag, huh?!

When I got to the snow, Heather came around and said to me: “You keep a very tidy car, don’t you?” She could tell I was an organized type A just by my painting style, because I kept messing with the blues in the snow to try to get them perfect. “Just let go and relax,” she told me, and I had to remind myself several times to put down the brush already! 

We were all very focused on Heather’s tips, but it was fun to see personalities come out on canvas too. Thomas and I hadn’t done anything artistic together before, so it was a first to let creativity flow. I loved comparing the subtle differences in our visions. We had so much fun at Paint Nite that we want to do another one! This would make a great gift experience for a couple, as Paint Nite has gift cards available for sale on its website too.

Surprisingly, the trees were my favorite part to paint. And it was fun to look around the room and see how different everyone’s version of the same painting turned out. Some people really veered off the path (which was encouraged if you felt like it!)

And our finished work…



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