Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Super Weekend – Part II

I feel like I packed a whole weekend into our Sunday! ^^Wild child.

I woke up with this sting ray on me. I never know what’s coming next!

Sunday morning I made pancakes. I’ve been out of flour and pancake mix for a while and keep forgetting to buy more, so I’ve just been making Anne’s banana egg pancakes, which are so easy to whip together (it’s also the best way for me to get eggs into Mazen).

Question for Anne: why didn’t you name these Annecakes?! I think I’m going to do that for you 😉

“Mommy can I help you put the dishes in the dishwasher?” I THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER ASK!! 🙂

Soccer is starting up next week, so since the weather was so great on Sunday, I got together with a few players on my team for some pick-up.

Mazen put on his shin guards and cleats to get some “training” in himself (his word, not mine!). His season starts up in about a month or so.

We played around for about an hour and then I headed to Beer Run for lunch with Wendy and Jess.

This was the winter salad with squash, olives, goat cheese, and blood orange. So good! Plus some shared bacon and a little taste of pimento cheese.

Mazen and I played in the yard all afternoon

My friend Gina was getting rid of a hammock stand, and I happily took it off her hands. We played games in the hammock for a while. Boat, tent, Big Bad Wolf, etc. M has such a great imagination!

Sunday night we grilled hamburgers on the charcoal grill.



We only had two buns because this was a Blue Apron dinner, so I gave mine to Mazen and went bunless. If there’s a meal where I go lower in carbs, it’s dinner, so I didn’t mind. My burger was darn good!

I know I put in a teaser for a weekend getaway, but that trip fell through, so we just did a President’s Day day trip on Monday. I’ll be back to share that recap tomorrow!

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