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The Ultimate Shopping Question & Stitch Fix Review


It’s been a while since I shared a Stitch Fix box! Over the years, I have bought some pieces from Stitch Fix that I love and wear over and over and over, and a few things that I thought I would love but don’t wear that much (or at all, gulp). Plus, in an effort to work on my curated, functional wardrobe, I’m trying to be really picky about what I let into my closet.

When shopping, I used to ask myself, “Do I like it and does it fit well?”

Now I am asking myself this question: “Thinking back on the past year, where would I have worn this and would I have liked this more than what I did wear.”

This mentality really forces me not only to imagine myself wearing the clothing in public to an event, but it also makes me consider what I might already have that I would choose to wear instead. I tend to wear favorites over and over again, and they often win over something that I like, but like just a little less for whatever reason (comfort is one of the biggest reasons!).

So here’s what came in my latest Stitch Fix box, and what I decided to keep and what I sent back! (And next time I promise to have a friend take some better photos in natural light! My closet is no fun for photography. Also my apologies as I don’t have the names of the clothes anymore!)

First up, this beautiful purse! I loved the rosey pink, the soft leather, and the interior pattern, BUT I have a coral purse – which I got from Stitch Fix a year ago – that I love and use, so I considered this a duplicate to something I already own (although it really is quite different in style.)

Very cute though! Matched my Apple Watch ; )

These jeans are by Liverpool, who made one of my favorite pairs of jeans that I got from SF a while ago. The ones I have are high waisted, so I love that they don’t sag down. These jeans fit me like I glove on first try, but I have learned that with jeans you really have to dance around the room and move in them to know if they are going to stay put. I can’t stand sagging jeans that need to be pulled up by the belt loops each time I stand up, and, ultimately, that’s what these did. They were just a little too stretchy! A bummer, because once in place I loved the fit. Sent ’em on back. Can anyone recommend some jeans that stay put? I think I just need to steer away from stretchy jeans to find them.

This top was flowy and cute, but I wasn’t wild about the maroon color. I also thought it made me look pregnant because it poofed out in just that spot, and I don’t want those kinds of rumors starting now, do I!

This dress – the Renay Cold Shoulder Dress – was the one piece I kept! It met my criteria of practical (long sleeves that went all the way down so winter-appropriate), comfortable, and cute.

I loved the split sleeves, and that I could dress it up or make it more casual as well.

This black top is an old Stitch Fix purchase. I love the little sheer criss-cross ruffle on the bottom. My necklace is Stella and Dot, the New Moon Necklace.

And finally, this dress was cute in hand and I liked the lace detail, but its shape did nothing for my figure. Sent ‘er back.

I just wrote this note to my stylist for my next fix: “I am on the hunt for super comfortable sweatshirts, tunics, fleece-lined things, and sweaters!” LOL – winter much?!

She should write back, “Now Kath, we are not in the sweatpants and fleece market. We are here to get you out of those!”

But I did get a few more keepers in my next box –

This tunic and the LEGGINGS! These are smooth, compressiony leggings, and they are my new favorites to wear under clothes (not to the gym).

This dress just seemed like such a classic, all-around solid piece. And I love me some black.

And this cardigan came in the same box and looked great with the dress! Love the lace detail, length, and that it’s pretty fitted on my body. I always need cardigans to keep warm in the spring and fall.

What has been your favorite Stitch Fix piece to date? Mine is either the purse that I mentioned above, my navy blue cargo jacket, or one of my two favorite pairs of jeans.

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