Monday, February 27, 2017

What Goes Up Must Come Down

And I am down with the flu. Or something. I got a flu shot, but I guess it’s a strong one this year. I’ve heard that most of Cville is sick right now!

But before I was attacked by this virus, we had a great little weekend.

The power toast craving is strong these days!

We had wonderful 75 degree weather on Friday, and Mazen and I spent the whole afternoon outside. We played with our neighbors and went on scooter rides, drank smoothies, and jumped on the trampoline across the road.

Do you like Mazen’s new shirt?! It’s from Indy Rose Co owned by KERF reader Katy. If you don’t watch Game Of Thrones you might not get the joke, but wildlings are the free folk who live beyond the wall in the show. Kady sent Thomas and me grown-up versions and I’ll show you my shirt soon! Kady is also offering any of you 10% off anything in her store with the code KATHEATS10 : )

This is his best wildling face:

We teamed up with our neighbors for a cookout on Friday night. I made a big salad, and we grilled burgers and hot dogs and sweet potato fries.

Most days Mazen wakes me up by jumping on me in my bed. Often there are pillow forts involved. If he wakes up and I’m already dressed and downstairs, he gets really mad!

Sheet monster:

Saturday morning oatmeal! I made it with cottage cheese, granola and almond butter.

We went out to the country on Saturday to visit with Thomas’s family.

The boys had a great time romping around. (Mazen dressed himself – can you tell?!)

We had Caesar salad and pizza for lunch at Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie! Soooo delicious.

And then that’s when this sickness hit me like a truck. I convinced Mazen to have a quiet time with a toy from my surprise closet so I was able to rest. Luckily Matt had plans to take Mazen out to dinner and spend the night, so he could stay away from my germs. I sure hope he doesn’t get it – eeeek. I had a fever of 100.7 that evening.

After taking some Advil, my appetite came back and I started feeling better. Thomas brought in curry for dinner. Green and panang – yum.

I was able to sleep in a bit and rest most of Sunday. I bought Moana for Mazen on the TV, and we had a good time watching that on the couch. I sure hope this goes away soon!

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