Monday, March 6, 2017

Be Our Guest

Happy Monday!! It’s Irish Soda Bread season, and I got a loaf from Great Harvest. THE BEST bread of the year! I love it toasted with melted butter.

On Friday night, Thomas and I went out on a date. First to Whiskey Jar for dinner.

I had the cornmeal-crusted catfish, which was A-mazing, and a beer, and he had the whole trout, plus mac and cheese.

We walked across the mall to Violet Crown to see Fifty Shades Darker. I remember when they announced they were building a super modern theater on the mall I was a little against it for some reason, but this theater is the best in the world! First off they serve food and drinks, which you can take into the shows. Double glass of zin? Yes please! They also have nice coffees and traditional movie snacks if you want those too. You buy your tickets by the seat, so you can choose where you sit and it’s reserved like an airplane. But best of all, if you see a movie in one of the smaller theaters, all of the seats recline!!!!! There are also nice little swivel tables and cup holders. It’s just the most comfortable movie experience there is. Fifty Shades was awesome! The rumors are true – the second movie is better than the first! The soundtrack is also really great – especially this song.

Saturday morning breakfast when I was out of fruit: ISB, breakfast sausage, fried egg, coffee.

Mazen and I went to the gym mid-morning, and I did a quick elliptical and lifting workout. Didn’t want to do too much before my first spring season soccer game!

I had a salad with some leftovers on top for lunch – pork, asparagus, dressing, pepper jack cheese.

Mazen and I put together a gift for our good friend’s birthday party.

He wrote the card himself!

The party was Disney themed, and guests were encouraged to dress in costume. Mazen went as Pirates of the Caribbean. The grown ups shared bubbly and cheese plates while the kids watched Beauty and the Beast and ate Pirate’s Booty. It was fun to watch the old version of B and the B in anticipation of the new film coming out soon! We are excited.

I also got to hang out with this little man. What a snuggle bug! His sweater!

Instead of cake we had birthday ice cream cones. Love this tradition!

After the party I took the Sayas out to the Struckmann house where I was parent in charge for the evening so Sarah and John could have a night away. I love that we always have each other’s backs for these kind of trades. Keeping an eye on all three of them at once proved to be a bit challenging (especially since Sawyer is at that into-everything stage) but we had a great time and miraculously all of the kids were asleep by 8:30.

This photo sums up my evening:

We were up bright and early for breakfast. I had a peanut butter waffle with a mini smoothie and fruit.

And we played outside in the cold weather because: PowerWheels!!

I ran by Wegman’s for groceries and then came home for a sandwich to fuel me up for soccer.

Our spring season started at Western Albemarle, and we headed to Pro Re Nata afterwards for a team beer. We couldn’t celebrate because we didn’t win – we tied! It was a hard game.

Sampler! The Scarlet Letter was my favorite.


How was your weekend?!

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