Monday, March 20, 2017

Over The Rainbow

And that concludes a weekend, winter, and another year for my mom! Happy Birthday Grammie!

We woke up to a lovely rainbow on St. Pat’s Day. Mazen loved all the green talk, and he went to a kid-friendly St. Pat’s party with Matt at Random Row.

Thomas and I, while wearing green, went out to dinner at Vivace. It was my first visit, and we had a delicious dinner!

We shared a Caesar salad to start.

And I had clams with sausage and spaghetti. Yum! I brought over half of this dish home for another day : )

We are charging through Stranger Things – loving it! We have just a couple of episodes left.

Saturday morning I made a bowl of Greek yogurt with mango (so glad it’s champagne mango season!), strawberries (and those too!), banana and some Nature’s Path granola on top.

I went to the gym for a quick Stairmaster workout before coming home to do a bunch of stuff around the house, including hauling the 10-year-old grill over to Lauren’s house. I recently bought a new one that fits the deck a lot better.

The errands continued for most of the day, so Thomas and I packed up lunches to eat while we were out and about. (Mazen ate an early lunch but we weren’t hungry yet and wanted to get going).

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, sprouts and cucs. My favorite this week!

Plus peanut butter pretzels (GAH) and a Babybel. And we shared an apple!

We went to drop off the grill, and stopped by Thomas’s office. Mazen loved playing “boss.”

We went to the UPS store, Best Buy and then to Toys R Us for you-know-who! Both boys were both running up and down the aisles wanting all the toys! They settled on a pirate ship, yarrr.

Next stop: Whole Foods!! M loves the samples, especially the aged cheeses.

The best decaf there is!

Afternoon fun in the garage. Boy really wants a PowerWheels!

Saturday night Thomas cooked this Blue Apron Butter-Chicken with kale and freekeh. It was one of the more healthy tasting Blue Apron dishes we’ve had, so it was rather refreshing on a Saturday night!

That’s not wine up there, that’s actually unsweetened cranberry juice! A few of you recommended it, and I gave it a try this week. On first taste it was REALLY tart – almost like biting a lemon – but on second sip I felt all the same tannin effects as wine. I loved sipping it before dinner, but gosh it was not good with the dinner! Definitely a great alternative to wine, but also, it’s not wine 😉

Thomas and I went out to meet some friends and watch the UVA game, which did not end well. It was a sad night in Cville.

I got a text from our babysitter asking if it was OK for Mazen to sleep in his fireman costume. LOL – how cute is this (I took it off of him when I got home). They had fun playing!

Sunday morning was filled with prep day activities! I think I’m going to start going to the grocery store on Saturday so I can prep on Sundays. It’s too much to do both in one day.

First, breakfast fuel.

Then I roasted a bunch of veggies, hard boiled eggs, made some of Tina’s no-bake snack balls, and sliced up peppers for lunches.

I nibbled on a bunch of those for lunch and had this yogurt and half a pita with almond butter.

Soccer last night was at 5pm, which was nice because I had all day to get things done. Mazen and I went to the ACAC Big Room, and we played toys with the neighbors for a good part of the day. I had a big bowl of leftover spaghetti from our dinner out on Friday night when I got home from soccer. Perfect way to re-fuel!

Happy Monday!!

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