Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adventures With Batman

^^Those two are so cute!!! School was out yesterday, so Sarah and I took the kids down to Short Pump. It’s our favorite little day-off field trip! The kids LOVE the giant play structure and change of scenery at the ACAC (our gym) there, and Sarah and I love the rooftop cafe and pool : )

Breakfast before we hit the road:

The drive is about 50 minutes and zooms by. Once the kids were settled, we did 26 minutes on the Stairmaster, 15 minutes of random weight lifting and ran a mile as fast as we could. We earned a little relaxation! Sadly the hot tub was closed for the day, but the pool was heated, so we took a nice little dip after lunch!

I ordered a grilled chicken and Swiss panini with a veggie cup on the side. Sarah had extra carrots and hummus for us to snack on.

After showers (the locker room there is like a spa!), we went over to the huge mall and let the kids run around a bit.

Mazen and I went into the Athleta store for a peek, and I ended up buying a few things! I was on the hunt for great shorts that I could sweat in all summer, and they have so many awesome options. Plus this cute skirt! Note the Batman shoes peeking out under the mirrors. This was one of the first times we’ve ever shopped together, and it was so much fun! M actually gave me his opinion on the clothes I tried on.

We headed to the children’s museum, which was right next door, for some play time after that. The kids loved all the stations!

Sarah and I found some bean bag chairs, aka the grown-up rest area 🙂

No idea what was happening here!

The ride home is always tough when everyone is tired, but some snacks helped!

Thomas had put a lasagna in the oven (from Mona Lisa Pasta) and we had that with salads for dinner.

I also had some of this – another “wine” mocktail. I like it better than the cranberry (which is SO TART) but this one is sweetened with more sugar, so it’s a pro and a con!

Talk to ya later friends!

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