Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Of Muddy Puddles

Our weekend wasn’t a total wash, but we didn’t see much sun and spent a lot of time in muddy puddles!

Friday night was the calm before the storm, and we managed to have a great date night out before any rain hit.

The destination was Brasserie Saison, a new Belgian restaurant here in town. I love the atmosphere and design, which trickled into the menu! Such pretty fonts and botanical drawings.

This bourbon-grapefruity cocktail was so fresh.

We started with the pea salad which was INCREDIBLE! I think adobo pepper was the secret smoky/spicy ingredient that I loved so much. I can’t wait to order this again!

We also shared the mussels, which were great (with some frites!).

And the pork with kale and grits! YUM!

We went to Splendora’s for dessert, and I had a salted caramel and coffee heath cone that was huge and so delicious, every dripping bite!

Couch time in our new Mahabis slippers! We are both obsessed.

On Saturday morning I had grapefruit and eggs for breakfast before taking Mazen to a cooking class for kids! He’s doing a summer camp version later this year too. It’s such a cool way to get kids cooking together.

I met a group of friends at Champion for Chris’s Annual Birthday Invitational, aka a mix of athletic events for teams of two with beer woven throughout. The day started with a beer mile, and I paired up with my friend Josh for a few of the morning events. Can’t say I’ve ever run half a beer mile before, but I can put that on my bucket list now : )

Next up was the wall sit – second place for our team!

I think I held it for 6 or 7 minutes – my legs were dying for the rest of the day!

The last event I stayed for was the plank-off. I didn’t do so well here because my legs were soooo tired from the wall sit. My quads gave out long before my abs did!

I said my goodbyes and went to pick up Mazen after lunch. Matt brought sandwiches from Ivy Provisions for the group for lunch, so I snagged one of those on the way to get M. It was packed with spicy sauce, pickles, turkey, arugula and cheese. Loved it!

That afternoon I took Mazen and our neighbor to see Born In China, the Disney nature movie. It was so beautiful, and I loved the panda storyline. Mazen and his friend liked the snow leopards the best!

Escalator selfie attempt!

For dinner, we went over to our friends’ house. The kids played all kinds of cute games and then we sat down to some enchiladas (a Vie recipe!) for dinner.

Plus beans, rice, avocado and my favorite – sour cream!

Soccer Sunday schedule:

9am – Breakfast

10am – trip to Target (yay!)

11:30am – chores

1pm – 90 minute soccer game

2pm – lots of peanut butter pretzels / Vega sport water

3pm – shower and blog and small smoothie

5pm – 90 minute soccer game / Health warrior bar / Vega sport water

7:30pm – lots of Belmont pizza

9pm – crash into bed

Our forecast is not looking good – can’t put away the rain boots quite yet!

At least the seeds are sprouting!!

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